BTS Will Collaborate With Charlie Puth?

BTS Is Believed To Be Collaborating With A Famous American Musician, Charlie Puth. What Is The Reason? Check Out The Full Explanation In The News Below.

BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) is suspected of collaborating with a famous American musician, Charlie Puth . This suspicion arose because Charlie Puth was considered to have given big clues on his social media account.

On Tuesday (31/5), Charlie Puth shared a photo of BTS while giving a speech at the White House through his Instagram story. This post seems to show his support for the seven-member group.

On the same day, Charlie Puth also liked BTS’ maknae Jungkook ‘s post . Interestingly, the 1991-born singer was also seen following Jungkook’s Instagram account.

Charlie Puth’s “hints” didn’t stop there. Some time ago he showed off his photo wearing a hoodie with a picture of TinyTAN, the animated character BTS, which is quite rare.

Those suspicions became clearer when Charlie Puth said something on Twitter on May 22. At that time he said, “I am very excited to tell you this one thing.”

After seeing all these “hints”, South Korean netizens believe that Charlie Puth can’t wait to reveal his collaboration with BTS. Check out some of the netizens’ comments below:

“Charlie Puth keeps giving hints kekeke,” said one netizen. “Something big is coming kekeke,” added another netizen. “He really wants everyone to know kekeke,” said another. “It’s something with Jungkook, right?” said other netizens and much more.

Meanwhile, BTS will soon make a comeback by releasing an anthology album entitled “Proof” on June 10. This album contains BTS’ previous hits which are divided into 3 CDs as well as several new tracks, namely “Born Singer,” “Run BTS” and “For Youth”.

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