BLACKPINK Rose Is Said To Be Fuller, More Beautiful?


The Selfie That Was Shared By Rose Recently On Instagram Became A Hot Topic Of Conversation For Netizens. Many Praised Rose As Getting More Beautiful With A Fuller Body.

Rose BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) is said to be fat. Many netizens praised the idol made by YG Entertainment that was more beautiful with a fuller body.

A netizen shared a post on an online community entitled, “Wow, Rose’s figure looks prettier after gaining weight. She’s also tall, so she’s really pretty after gaining weight.”

The post includes a selfie that Rose recently shared on Instagram. In the selfie, the “On the Ground” singer looks chic with a combination of a blazer, crop top t-shirt and jeans.

Rose’s hair is now short too. Maybe that’s what makes his appearance look different than usual. Netizens praised her getting more beautiful with a fuller body.

“Did he gain weight?” netizen comments. “Rose’s figure is basically beautiful regardless of whether she gains fat or not,” added another netizen. “She still looks thin, but she is very beautiful, because her bones are also thin,” said another.

In general, netizens stated that Rose still looks thin and her figure remains beautiful no matter what. Many also commented that he did not gain weight at all.

Meanwhile, Rose first showed her short hair to the world through the cover of the June 2022 issue of Elle Korea magazine. The 1997-born idol appeared as a global ambassador for the Tiffany & Co jewelry brand, showing off their latest collection.

In BLACKPINK’s photoshoot with music magazine Rolling Stone, Rose also showed off a new, shoulder-length short hairstyle. Many fans are enthusiastic because this is the first time Rose has carried short hair.

In other news, BLACKPINK is rumored to be making a comeback in the middle of this year. However, YG Entertainment has not released any statement regarding their comeback.


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