After Fans Speculated, J-Hope Explained The Real Reason Suga Was Absent At The Pre-Release Party Of His Solo Album


With Suga And J-Hope’s Closeness, It Was Impossible For Suga To Miss His Best Friend’s Party Without Any Special Reason And This Sparked A Discussion Among Fans.

Not long ago J-Hope held a pre-release party for the release of his upcoming solo album “Jack in the box” at the HYBE building, where many artists such as HyunA , E’Dawn , Heize , Loco , Sunmi , Yoon Mirae , Jessi , Tiger JK to Big Bang’s Taeyang and many more attended. All members of Bangtan Boys aka BTS were also at the party, except for Suga .

With Suga and J-Hope’s closeness, it’s impossible for Suga to miss his best friend’s party without any special reason. This later sparked discussion among fans, and many expressed their concern over his absence.

On July 15, 2022, J-Hope held a live broadcast on Vlive to talk about his new solo album and also tell fans about the reason behind Suga’s absence from the party. Unfortunately, on the day of the party, Suga felt sick and had a high fever, and although his COVID 19 test came back negative, the singer of the song “Daechwita” decided to take precautions and stay at home.

“Yesterday, you must have felt that Suga hyung wasn’t there. If I were to talk about it, actually, Suga hyung was already planning to come. He even wondered what he was going to wear and told me that he would also get his gift of makeup done! He said he would put on her makeup and expressed everything very passionately. But throughout the day, she had a high fever on the day of the party and was a little cold,” said J-Hope.

We talked to each other and decided that it was better not to attend. It was also very sad for me! Because, honestly, the members are the most important to me, and I really want to let the members listen to it. And for Suga hyung, he is a hyung. who actually said at first that he would listen to it when it was released,” he added. He said he would listen to it once and for all when it was released. So I felt very, very disappointed that I couldn’t have hyung in a place where I let (people) hear it before. And luckily, Yoongi hyung tested negative for covid, but he said it’s better to be careful because this is a place where I will have a lot of guests and I feel that it is really very considerate of him. And Suga hyung also felt very disappointed about it, he even messaged me that he was very sorry that he couldn’t come, he was very sorry and so on. He supported and encouraged me a lot. Even though he wasn’t able to attend, I felt something gave me strength in a different way. It would have been great if all seven members were there, but that was a pity. So, I just wanted to share it with you guys.”

Meanwhile after Vlive, Suga later posted on Weverse to express his disappointment at missing the party and update his fans about his health. “I suddenly had a fever since yesterday morning so with the thought that it might be covid, I was being tested and couldn’t attend, I was also disappointed. Luckily I’m back to normal temperature, so don’t worry too much. Congratulations J-Hope,” wrote Suga.

J-Hope, who could feel his disappointment and sadness, replied under his post expressing his love for his friends and teammates, “I love you~ bro~ (written sweetly) don’t be sick.” Meanwhile, “Get well soon, Yoongi” is also trending on Twitter as fans who are saddened to hear the news use social media to send their love and support to Suga and wish him a speedy recovery.


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