7 Years Of Curse Approaching, VICTON Members Have Different Answers


The VICTON Members Revealed Different Things Related To The ‘7 Year Curse’ That Has Always Been Attached To K-Pop Idol Groups Considering That It Will Happen Soon.

VICTON is known to have just made a comeback with their 7th mini album, “Chaos”. In this comeback , VICTON chose the title song “Stupid O’clock”.

This is VICTON’s comeback with 6 members considering that Han Seung Woo is currently serving in the military. VICTON itself is known to consist of 7 members since debut, namely Han Seung Woo, Seungsik, Chan, Sejun, Hanse, Byungchan, and Subin.

In this comeback , VICTON discussed the “7 year curse” inherent in K-Pop idol groups. The term “7 year curse” is known to arise because the idol group’s exclusive contract is 7 years.

There are so many group members who end up choosing different agencies and even disband. The group that finally stays together after 7 years is known to always manage to make fans happy.

VICTON itself is known to be entering the age of 7 years in 2023. VICTON is known to officially debut in November 2012.

VICTON members themselves have different views regarding this “7 year curse”. The group itself claims to be very grateful for the support of fans for the last 7 years. VICTON also hopes that they will continue to be together even though they are 7 years old.

“Time has passed and we have become a group in our seventh year. Seven years is a very long time, and we wouldn’t be here today without our fans. There is also teamwork between our members. When we are tired or struggling, we get energy from each other,” said VICTON.

“To be honest, we can’t give a definite answer. But we believe that if we continue to do our best and show our best sides to our fans and to the public, whether it be through our group promotions or in our individual promotions, then the way will be opened for us,” explained VICTON.

“They call it the ‘7-Year Curse’, but the seven VICTON members share a bond that is like family and friends. We always want to be together,” explained Heochan.


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