Kong Review: Skull Island – By Valerian Jevon


The writer knew about Kong: Skull Island about 1 year ago when the first trailer came out. The author is quite interested in this film because it has the same universe as the 2014 Godzilla film , which will culminate in the Godzila vs King Kong film . The ranks of the cast in the film Kong: Skull Island are not even playing games. There are names like Samuel L. Jackson who has starred in many films and then Tom Hiddlestone or who is famous for being an evil character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.(MCU) namely Loki, then there is also an Oscar winner, namely Brie Larson and many other famous actors and actresses. Indeed, the star in this film is King Kong itself, but with classy actors and actresses also very instrumental in bringing this universe to life.

The author is not aware that the movie Kong: Skull Island is already in theaters because the author thinks that cinema itself is still dominated by the movie Logan . Luckily, the writer was invited to watch by his brother and ended up watching Kong: Skull Island . The author didn’t have high expectations and didn’t rate it too low, even though the rating was pretty good. Unlike Logan, which the writer had been waiting for, the writer didn’t have too many expectations just to spend time off while watching the movie Kong: Skull Island .

Previously the author warned of spoilers for those who have not watched. The film starts off quite interestingly, the figure of King Kong immediately appears. Unlike the film King Kong directed by Peter Jackson, where a group of film crews came to the island to shoot a film, here what came were researchers who were accompanied by the United States military who had just finished fighting in Vietnam. It was later revealed that the researchers had come not to research the island but to lure King Kong himself out. Oh yes , the researcher came from the same place as the researcher in the Godzilla movie , Monarch. In the middle of the film, it is revealed that King Kong actually protects the island’s inhabitants from monsters such as giant lizards that live underground that often attack the residents and animals above them. That’s where there was a conflict between those who defended Kong and those who wanted to kill Kong.

Broadly speaking, that’s how the story goes, now the author’s thoughts will be poured out here. Tom Hiddlestone’s character, here he is told as a war hero and so on. The audience’s expectations are that he will be the hero, but there are only a few scenes of Tom Hiddlestone fighting great, more scenes where he leads the route with the rest of the crew plus there are scenes of Tom fighting with swords using CGI effects.which is a little weird and also becomes unnatural for 3D purposes. The author is quite disappointed to see the scene in that section because it is too strange for a big budget film like this. Then, the actor’s acting, which somehow feels like the author feels too stiff and too scripted, especially when they are in conflict, it looks like they are waiting for their turn to have a dialogue. Maybe that’s just the general opinion of a movie fan, actually quite interesting, especially for multiverse lovers, so it’s quite worth watching, thank you. Oops, don’t come out first after the post-credits, there are still sequels like Marvel movies hehe .

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