The Hangover 4: The Wolfpack Is Back For Another Crazy Adventure In 2023

Hangover's Ed Helms says another sequel is unlikely
Hangover's Ed Helms says another sequel is unlikely from


It’s been almost a decade since we last saw the Wolfpack in action, but in 2023, they’re back for another wild adventure in ‘The Hangover 4’. Fans of the franchise have been eagerly awaiting this fourth installment, and it looks like it’s going to be just as hilarious and outrageous as the previous films.


The plot of ‘The Hangover 4’ centers around the Wolfpack, made up of Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), and Alan (Zach Galifianakis), as they reunite for a weekend in Las Vegas. However, things quickly spiral out of control when they wake up with no memory of the previous night and a missing member of their group.

The trio embarks on a mission to retrace their steps and find their lost friend, encountering a number of wacky characters and absurd situations along the way. As always, chaos and hilarity ensue as the Wolfpack tries to piece together the events of the night before.


Of course, no Hangover movie would be complete without its beloved cast. Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis are all set to reprise their roles as Phil, Stu, and Alan, respectively.

Joining them are some new faces, including Emma Stone as a mysterious woman they encounter during their search, and John C. Reilly as a rival group also searching for the missing person.


‘The Hangover 4’ is being directed by Todd Phillips, who also directed the previous three films. Phillips has promised that this installment will be just as funny and outrageous as the others, but with its own unique twists and surprises.

The script was written by Phillips and Craig Mazin, who also co-wrote ‘The Hangover Part III’. Production has already begun on the film, and it’s set to be released in theaters in the summer of 2023.


Fans of the franchise are understandably excited for ‘The Hangover 4’, and there are high expectations for the film. The previous three movies were all huge box office successes, grossing over $1.4 billion worldwide.

However, there are also concerns about whether the franchise has run its course. Some critics argue that the formula has become tired and predictable, and that the fourth installment may not be able to live up to the success of its predecessors.


Regardless of the outcome, there’s no denying that ‘The Hangover 4’ is one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2023. Fans will have to wait until the summer to see if the Wolfpack can once again deliver the laughs and craziness that made the first three films such a hit.

One thing’s for sure – with this cast and crew, it’s bound to be a wild ride.

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