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In 2022, Marvel’s master of the mystic arts, Doctor Stephen Strange, left the main Marvel universe to journey across the multiverse. He did so to protect the fabric of all reality, which was at threat from Wanda Maximoff, the former Avenger now better known as the Scarlet Witch.
In this macabre offering from Marvel Studios, Doctor Strange got to explore many different facets of the MCU and meet various allies, including Professor Xavier, America Chavez, and Reed Richards. Strange also got to stand toe-to-toe with a sinister variant of himself, and take part in an epic battle.
Loaded with action, horror, and the occasional moments of comedy, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness proved to be a tour de force of imaginative ideas and entertainment. The film also served up some memorable lines, from various characters, including the aforementioned Scarlet Witch.
Below is a selection of those lines, plucked straight from the film. Should you want to revisit the best quotes from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, simply read on!
Best Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness quotes
Dr. Stephen Strange – “Your children aren’t real, you created them by magic.”
Scarlet Witch – “That’s what every mother does.”
Dr. Stephen Strange – “Dreams are windows into the lives of our multiversal selves.”
Dr. Stephen Strange – “Wanda, you are justifiably angry. You had to make terrible sacrifices.”
Scarlet Witch – “I blew a hole through the head of the man I loved. And it meant nothing. Do not speak to me of sacrifice, Stephen Strange.”
Reed Richards – “The building’s been breached.”
Dr. Stephen Strange – “No shit, genius!”
Zombie Strange – “This time it’s gonna take more than killing me to kill me!”
Wanda Maximoff – “You break the rules and become a hero. I do it and I become the enemy. That doesn’t seem fair.”
Charles Xavier – “Just because someone stumbles and loses their way doesn’t mean they’re lost forever.”
Scarlet Witch – “I’m not a monster.”
Wanda Maximoff – “What if you brought America here?”
Dr. Stephen Strange – “Here?”
Wanda Maximoff – “Yeah. I know what it’s like. To be on your own, hunted for abilities you never wanted. I can protect her.”
Wanda Maximoff – “You never told me her name, did you?”
Dr. Stephen Strange – “No. No, I didn’t.”
Scarlet Witch – “You have no idea just how reasonable I’ve been.”
Dr. Stephen Strange – “Right. Book of the damned, calling yourself a witch, conjuring creatures to abduct a kid. I don’t exactly call that being reasonable.”
Scarlet Witch – “Send those creature after her instead of myself was mercy. And in spite of your hypocrisies and insults I have begged you to safely get out of my way. You have exhausted my patience. But I do hope you understand. That even now. What’s about to happen. This is me, being reasonable.”
Sinister Strange – “Things just got out of hand!”
Dr. Stephen Strange – “I love you. I love you in every universe. It’s not that I don’t want to care or want someone to care for me. I’m just…”
Dr. Christine Palmer – “Scared. Face your fears, Doctor Strange.”
Dr. Stephen Strange – “Are you happy?”
Wong – “That’s an… interesting question. Sometimes I do wonder about my other lives. But I’m still grateful of this one. Even with its own tribulations.”
Wanda Maximoff – “Know that they’ll be loved.”
Reed Richards – “Wanda, please. I have children of my own, I understand your pain.”
Wanda Maximoff – “Is their mother still alive?”
Reed Richards – “Yes.”
Wanda Maximoff – “Good. Then there will be someone left to raise them.”
Charles Xavier – “We should tell him the truth.”
Dr. Stephen Strange – “Wanda. What do you know about the Multiverse?”
Wanda Maximoff – “The Multiverse. Viz had his theories. He believed it was real. And dangerous.”
Dr. Stephen Strange – “He was right about both.”
Baron Mordo – “Stephen Strange, the Illuminati will see you now.”
Sinister Strange – “You ever had that dream when you’re falling, as if you’ve been pushed off a tall building?”
Sinister Strange – “That was probably me.”
Dr. Stephen Strange – “Did we just turn into paint in one universe?”
America Chavez – “Yeah. You do not wanna get stuck in there. It’s really hard to eat.”
Dr. Christine Palmer – “There is no living Strange left for you to dreamwalk!”
Dr. Stephen Strange – “Who said they had to be living?”
Reed Richards – “Black Bolt can tear you to pieces with one whisper from his mouth.”
Wanda Maximoff – “What mouth?”
Dr. Stephen Strange – “What you are doing is every violation of natural law. And if you take that child’s power, she won’t survive.”
Wanda Maximoff – “I don’t relish hurting anyone, Stephen. But she’s not a child. She’s a supernatural being. Such power could reap havoc on this and other worlds. Her sacrifice would be for the greater good.”
Dr. Stephen Strange – “Well then you can kiss the lunchbox goodbye, because that’s the kind of excuse our enemies use.”
Wanda Maximoff – “You know, the hex was the easy part. But the lying? Not so much.”
Wong – “The Scarlet Witch is a being of unfathomable magic. She can re-write Reality as she chooses, and is prophesied to either rule or annihilate the cosmos.”
And finally…
Clea – “Doctor Strange.”
Dr. Stephen Strange – “Can I help you?”
Clea – “You caused an incursion, and we’re gonna fix it.”
Clea – “Unless you’re afraid.”
Dr. Stephen Strange – “Not in the least.”
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