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dragonball It has already had its many inspirations in superhero comics, with the Great Saiyaman being one of the representations that fans remember best. We can compare Goku to Superman any day, but what about Vegeta? His more serious personality makes him the perfect candidate to replace Batman in this interesting crossover that shows us his righteous side.

Once again the artist Salvamakoto gives us a spectacular design uniting two worlds that we greatly enjoyed in our childhood; If Vegeta becomes Batman, then with every reason in the world he will need a sidekick, and Trunks Surprisingly, he also fits like a glove playing a young Robin ready to learn..

Dragon Ball Z: this is how Goku and Vegeta would look if they exchanged places;  the alternate dimension that would have changed the entire history of Akira Toriyama

Dragon Ball x DC Comics: Holy crossovers, Batman!

This fanart illustrates father and son inside the Batcave, and Kid Trunks’ design suited Robin perfectly, with Future Trunks looking better as Nightwing or even Red Hood, not to mention that this infant stage of Trunks shows off a lot of his power, just like Robin would in his missions accompanying the Knight of the Night.

Dragon Ball Vegeta And Trunks Become Batman And Robin Fighting Crime In The Style Of The Great Saiyaman 2

Holy hooded Saiyans, batman!

Batman shows no mercy to his adversaries, but he does not kill, a code that could be assumed by the current Vegeta of Dragon Ball Super No problem; although the saiyan prince was a ruthless killer in the early Dragon Ball Zhis time on Earth has changed him a lot, and besides, is backed by a multi-billion dollar company, just like good old Bruce Wayne.

did you know batman exists canonically in the universe of dragonball? It may have been in the form of easter eggbut the anime let us see this for a few moments crossover that actually exists, and with Bulma previously helping Gohan fight justice anonymously, she might as well do it again if Vegeta feels like trying the idea out.

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