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2022 was a fun year for anime adaptations from manga, as audiences quickly fell in love with adaptations of Chainsaw Man, Spy x Family, and Bocchi the Rock. 2023 looks to be even better, with upcoming titles like Attack on Titan’s final season’s third act and the premiere of the Nier:Automata adaptation.
As 2023 rapidly approaches, anime fans are looking forward to adaptations that will no doubt take them by storm. This article will chronicle 8 anime adaptations to get hyped for in 2023.
Disclaimer: As this list goes over pending releases, the actual dates of the release may not be accurate due to production delays or other circumstances. It is also based on the author’s opinions and contains spoilers for manga.
The last time Attack on Titan fans saw the series’ anime adaptation, the Rumbling had reached Marley’s shoreline and began its stomp across the world with the heroes in hot pursuit to try stopping it. While many readers were disappointed by the manga’s conclusion that hasn’t stopped them from looking forward to the anime.
Despite the decline in interest, many anime fans are still looking forward to Studio MAPPA’s adaptation of Attack on Titan because of the quality of the animation. In a nutshell, the Rumbling and the struggle of the heroes has only just begun.
As a video game, NieR:Automata was a heart-wrenching look into themes of humanity, identity, and other such topics. Given the twists and turns the narrative takes with the protagonists’ Androids 2B and 9S, many game fans thought a movie or anime adaptation would work really well. The game itself involves 2B and 9S fighting in an endless war between androids and machines determined to wipe out humanity.
While they’ll have to wait a few weeks, as the official release date is January 7 2023 on Crunchyroll, fans are still eagerly awaiting A-1 Pictures’ take on the Platinum Games headed video game. Considering A-1 Pictures is also responsible for Fairy Tail, Kaguya-Sama Love is War, and Sword Art Online?, most are expecting the action scenes to be high quality, and the emotional scenes to hit harder than they did in the original game.
Fans of horror manga and particularly Junji Ito’s collection have another thing to look forward to aside from Uzumaki. The Tales of the Macabre collection is an anime adaptation anthology that collects many of his one-shot works. As many fans of Ito’s works may know, many of his works tend to be one-shots or short stories.
Among the collected stories, this anime adaptation collects include Tomie, The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel, Mold, Layers of Fear, The Bully, The Thing That Drifted Ashore, among others. The anime premieres on Netflix on January 19, 2023.
Although many anime horror fans expected Uzumaki to premiere in October 2022, Junji Ito’s magnum opus had to be pushed back to 2023 in order to be completed properly, according to Production I.G. Some fans may be frustrated at this being the third time this anime adaptation has been delayed, but others are more understanding given the state of burnout and crunch culture in the anime industry.
Uzumaki is a terrifying and suspenseful story about a fog-filled town haunted by a mysterious spiral that appears on literally everything. The story only gets more horrific as it progresses, and fans of the original work can’t wait to see it animated.
Jujutsu Kaisen was a surprise hit when the manga launched in 2018. By the time the anime adaptation was released in 2020, the series was considered a household name. Many fans had hoped for an anime adaptation for season 2 and were granted their wish when it was announced in February 2022.
Many viewers of Attack on Titan have remarked on Studio MAPPA’s excellent animation and detailed character designs. When the anime version of the story ended, the protagonists had become Level One Sorcerors.
An anime adaptation regarding a reborn demon king who is overpowered. No, it’s not The Devil is a Part Timer!, but the adventures of Anos Voldigoad in The Misfit of Demon King Academy. The first anime, which debuted in 2020, was widely regarded as a sleeper hit. Overpowered characters in everyday situations are common in anime, but not like this.
The second season has been announced and will premiere in January 2023. The original anime was based on a manga adaptation of the light novels. The anime adaptation depicts Anos as a complete outcast in a world dominated by harsh demons, so he attempts to take over to ensure peace despite being a former demon king himself.
Another sleeper hit that resembles Fairy Tail mixed with Star Wars, Eden’s Zero is still considered good for an anime adaptation. While the first season was a romping space adventure that was thought to be a failure because of its original airtime, it pulled in impressive ratings and was one of the top five most-watched anime of the Spring 2021 season.
It helps that it comes courtesy of Fairy Tail’s original mastermind. So, while it may contain fanservice, it’s also remarkably different since the villains are utterly selfish and horrid and are very cathartic to take down. Likewise, a majority of the main cast are lovable rogues in the vein of Han Solo.
Reactions were mixed to the 2014 debut of Sailor Moon Crystal. The animation was cleaner and more focused than in the first Sailor Moon, and there was less padding. While the story was over far too soon, the 3D transformation sequences veered dangerously close to the uncanny valley.
Despite the fact that so much of the Eternal film had to be cut, Crystal was renewed for a second season and was praised for being a more faithful anime adaptation of the manga. Many viewers assumed Eternal would be the final arc, but it was revealed in April 2023, at the 30th-anniversary celebration, that the anime adaptation of the final arc would be titled Cosmos.
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