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Please be aware this overview contains spoilers.

François Ozon, in his today’s movie Young and Beautiful (Jeune et Jolie), explores a teenage lady’s revel in of coming of age amidst her sexual exploration. The film begins with Parisian teen, Isabelle (Marine Vacth), on Summer vacations together with her family within the South of France. On the eve of her seventeenth birthday, Isabelle loses her virginity to a German boy she has met on holidays, experiencing her first sexual encounter in a instead depression and detached state; deriving no pride from the act. This is the ominous starting of Isabelle’s double lifestyles, in which she performs each the dutiful daughter and the excessive-stop prostitute.

Marine Vacth as Isabelle

Ozon portrays Isabelle’s prostitution comparable to anorexia or tablets – a teenage dependancy that quickly turns into unfavourable to each her intellectual fitness and bodily protection. Throughout the film, the audience is looking into Isabelle’s lifestyles however are in no way truly in it. We are outsiders, like every other character in Isabelle’s life, and we do not apprehend her or her motivations. As such, the reason for her pursuit of prostitution stays unknown and, on this way, Ozon beautifully – and almost scarily – portrays the downward descent of precocious youngsters.

Young and Beautiful (Jeune et Jolie)

Vacth is real to man or woman and remains vacant and indifferent throughout the film. She says little and seldom smiles but there’s some thing as a substitute mesmerising about seeing any such exceptionally stunning young girl searching so empty inside. In doing so, the audience becomes attracted to the mystery of what lies below the pores and skin. It makes us query the catalyst for her double existence: is it the absence of her father inflicting her to search for affection from older men? Is it due to the fact she did now not experience her first sexual stumble upon and seeks to correct this? But the splendor of Ozon’s psychological blackhole is that we will by no means know.

The depression and detached Isabelle

When an older John dies for the duration of sexual sex with Isabelle, we see feelings of fear and uncertainty inside the protagonist for the very first time. She flees the scene with the police sooner or later monitoring her down and interrogating her mother about Isabelle’s prostitution. Her mother (Géraldine Pailhas) is, understandably, baffled and distraught; breaking down absolutely in a single emotive scene wherein she hits and screams at Isabelle. Pailhas gives an super overall performance and her character is relatable. We are given more perception into her mind and fears than we’re Isabelle’s and this permits us to empathise instead of blame. After she hits Isabelle, she apologises. She tries to understand her daughter and treatment their dating.

Isabelle’s brother, Victor (Fantin Ravat), is the best individual who Isabelle definitely confides in but, even then, the divulged secrets and techniques are simplest abstracts of the complete. Isabelle and Victor jest approximately each other’s sexual studies in a blasé nature that highlights the sturdy sibling bond between them. Victor covers for his sister while she sneaks away to lose her virginity and asks her approximately it afterwards. He is curious however additionally protective, as more youthful brothers instinctively are. Victor’s character shadows Isabelle’s sexual forays closer to the end of the film, wherein the target market witness him masturbating, examining new frame hair and locating a girlfriend. This exemplifies Ozon’s topic of ‘coming of age’.

Marine Vacth and Geraldine Pailhas as mom and daughter

Ozon’s “Young and Beautiful” explores the teenage revel in of developing up in a beautifully depression depend, relatable to audiences both old and young in the subjects of love and sex. The script, appearing and digital camera work are with out fault and the overall product is a work of art. Ultimately relatable and notion-frightening, Young and Beautiful takes the viewer lower back to their own first sexual encounters and studies of growing up; despair or not.

I provide this film 4 out of 5 stars.

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