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Lana Del Rey surely is not new to the music industry. She has also been one of the most active artists during the pandemic. She has released one studio album and two singles this year alone. With seven studio albums and three EPs, Lana’s career as a singer-songwriter is a success.
Album out July 4th
BLUE BANISTERS pic.twitter.com/q37PDKeyy5
— Lana Del Rey (@LanaDelRey) April 28, 2021

Originally born Elizabeth Grant Woolridge, the singer is professionally known in her career as Lana Del Rey.
The American singer-songwriter gained recognition in the music industry from her debut single Video Games. The music video for the single was made by herself and uploaded on YouTube.
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Lana’s interest in music started when her uncle taught her how to play the guitar at a young age. This started her active songwriting. With just six chords, she knew that she could create art and write a million songs.
Lana’s first performances were in bars and nightclubs around the city under names like “Sparkle Jump Rope Queen” and “Lizzy Grant and the Phenomena”
The 35-year-old singer’s music is noted for the tragic glamour and lifestyle influenced by melancholia and vintage-themed romances. Her knowledge of philosophy and literature plays a big part in her songwriting. Lana’s career took off after the release of her album Born To Die in 2012.
Since Born To Die, the singer-songwriter has released Ultraviolence, Honeymoon, Lust For Life, Norman Fucking Rockwell, Chemtrails Over The Country Club as studio albums. She has also announced her upcoming album, Blue Banisters. All her albums have been successful.
Lana has also released a poetry collection book called Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass. She has also released this book in the form of a spoken word album.
Lana Del Rey is a six-time Grammy nominee. She has also won two Brit Awards, two MTV Europe Music Awards, nine GAFFA Awards, and a Satellite Award.
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