When Did Black Panther 2 Come Out?

Black Panther 2 podría ser la película más importante del MCU
Black Panther 2 podría ser la película más importante del MCU from elperiodico.com.gt

The Anticipation for Black Panther 2

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been a fan-favorite for many years, and with the release of Black Panther in 2018, it became clear that the MCU was here to stay. Black Panther, the first superhero film with a predominantly black cast, was a box office success, grossing over $1.3 billion worldwide. Fans eagerly awaited the continuation of T’Challa’s story in Black Panther 2.

The Loss of Chadwick Boseman

However, the excitement was short-lived after the tragic passing of lead actor Chadwick Boseman in August 2020. Boseman’s portrayal of T’Challa was unforgettable, and fans mourned his loss deeply. Many wondered what would become of the Black Panther franchise without its star.

Marvel’s Plans for Black Panther 2

Marvel Studios, the production company behind the MCU, made it clear that they would not recast Boseman’s role. Instead, they would explore the world of Wakanda and its characters in a new way. Director Ryan Coogler returned to helm the sequel, and fans eagerly awaited news of the film’s release date.

Black Panther 2 Release Date Announcement

The wait for a release date announcement was finally over in February 2023, when Marvel Studios released a statement revealing that Black Panther 2 would be released on May 5, 2024. The announcement was met with mixed emotions, as fans were excited to see the continuation of the story but also felt the weight of Boseman’s absence.

What to Expect from Black Panther 2

Marvel Studios has kept the plot of Black Panther 2 under wraps, but rumors suggest that the film will explore the rich history of Wakanda and its people. Many of the original cast members are set to return, including Letitia Wright as T’Challa’s sister Shuri and Lupita Nyong’o as Nakia. There are also rumors that Michael B. Jordan, who played the villainous Erik Killmonger in the first film, may make a return.


Black Panther 2’s release date may be a year away, but the anticipation for the film is already high. Fans of the MCU and Black Panther franchise will have to wait patiently to see what Coogler and his team have in store for us. One thing is certain, though – the legacy of Chadwick Boseman and his portrayal of T’Challa will live on in the hearts of fans forever.

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