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Netflix’s latest home renovation show, Designing Miami, is set to premiere on September 21 at 3 am ET. Featuring Miami’s two famous home renovation designers, Ray and Eilyn Jimenez. The couple is ready to give the houses in Miami their kind of design touch.
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Designing Miami will feature the couple’s style of working together and creating the most stunning home decor for their clients. Apart from working as home renovators, they will also share how they manage their family life together and make everything look so effortless.
The official synopsis of the show reads:
Netflix released the trailer for Designing Miami on September 7, which created immense buzz amongst viewers who love watching lifestyle content. The trailer gave viewers an outlook on posh interior and exterior home design. Apart from work, the trailer presented glimpses of comedy and some light-hearted moments between the couple.
The eight-episode series will feature the two Miami designers juggling the needs of their deep-pocketed clients, their staff of young designers, their close-knit families who are also in close business and their relationship with each other. Although there is a lot to manage, the couple pulls everything off perfectly.
The Miami couple will be seen deeply understanding the demands of their affluent clients and making it happen for them just how they desire. Let’s get to know a little bit more about these Miami designers.
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Founder and creative director of Sire Design in Miami, Eilyn is rooted in modernist principles of design and architecture. She is known for her minimalistic and clean approach. The Miami designer firmly believes in detail-oriented, carefully curated ideas to breathe new life into all her projects. She specializes in residential, developmental, and commercial interior design and is highly competent and committed. She is a sucker for innovative interiors and outstanding quality designs.
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Also known as Raymond Jimenez, Ray is the other half of the Miami designer duo set to feature on Netflix’s new show. He is the mind behind Raymond Nicolas, a design house with modernist principles. Contrary to Eilyn, Ray’s maximalist approach makes him a design powerhouse with a thought-provoking design sensibility.
Ray co-founded the recognized interdisciplinary interior design and architecture studio, RS3, before completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. He believes in designing inclusive, welcoming, and accessible spaces for everyone irrespective of their ethnicities, gender, race, or sexualities.
In an interview with Axios Miami, Eilyn expressed her feelings about doing the show:
Executive producers on the series include Eric Wattenberg, Will Nothacker, Deanna Markoff, and Luke Neslage.
Viewers can watch the premiere of Designing Miami on September 21 on Netflix. Designing Miami will release its eight episodes altogether. Viewers can also watch the show on Dailymotion after all the episodes are released.


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