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Cobra Kai season 5 is coming to Netflix on September 9th, with many wondering when exactly the season will be released on the streaming service.
Cobra Kai season 5 is releasing on Netflix on September 9th, and here is the exact time the newest episodes will be available to stream. Season 5 was confirmed to be in development in 2021 ahead of the release of Cobra Kai season 4 and was confirmed to have a September 2022 release date in May of that year. In the days of streaming services, many new releases leave viewers unclear on when episodes will drop on their respective services, with there being plenty of inconsistencies.
With Cobra Kai season 5, the show will likely follow previous trends for its previous seasons. The show is set to continue the story directly from season 4, with Terry Silver in full control of Cobra Kai. Cobra Kai is now expanding through the valley with Silver at the head and John Kreese in prison after the former set him up for the assault of Stringray. Meanwhile, Daniel LaRusso enlists the help of former enemy Chozen to eliminate Cobra Kai's threat despite having to disband Miyagi-Do Karate. Johnny Lawrence looks to reunite with Miguel after the latter went searching for his real father in Mexico, bringing to the fore the relationship between Miguel and Robbie Keene, Johnny's son.
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Cobra Kai season 5 will release on Netflix at 12:00 am PST on September 9th, as was the case with Cobra Kai season 4. This means that the show will release at 03:00 am EST and 08:00 am BST. Netflix is a company based in California, meaning that the majority of the services TV shows release at midnight on the day of release, with Cobra Kai being no different. The show's entire season will release at this time on September 9th, with every episode available to watch at subscribers' desired pace.
Cobra Kai season 5 will consist of 10 episodes total, following on from every previous season of the show. Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 all had 10 episodes and season 5 isn't looking to break that trend. This bodes well for season 5, as one of the biggest strengths of Cobra Kai's previous seasons has been their pacing. Each season of the show is always paced perfectly to balance Johnny, Daniel, and their rivalry, as well as the show's martial-arts action, high-school comedy, and soap-like melodrama to maximum effect.
Netflix and most other streaming services tend to opt to keep each different season of shows the same amount of episodes. However, with Disney+'s Marvel Studios shows ranging from six to nine to even 18 episodes in some cases, confusion can be normal regarding season lengths. Cobra Kai season 5, though, will continue the trend of having 10 total episodes, with each one available to stream from 12:00 am PST (or equivalent) on September 9th, 2022 when fans can finally see the continuation of the Way of the Fist.
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