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Popular YouTuber Reginald Guillaume approached random people walking on a New York street to sing a song with him. One man named Gaurang Rakholia stopped but replied, “But I don’t know any English songs,” and began to walk away.
Reginald asked him what language he speaks but he left saying he’s in a hurry. Moments later, Gaurang returned to tell Reginald that he knows only Hindi songs. To this, Reginald surprisingly replied, “Perfect”.
The artist told him that he would take only a while to listen to the song and pick up its chords to play the song on his guitar. Gaurang tells him he’d like to sing Kishore Kumar’s ‘Dilbar Mere’.
Minutes later, Gaurnag sings ‘Dilbar Mere’ from the 1982 film Satte Pe Satta as Reginald plays its tune on his guitar on the New York street.
Watch the viral video here:
Once they finish the song, Reginald expresses his gratitude by saying, “Dhanyawaad”.
When the artist compliments Gaurang’s singing skills, he says that he has a karaoke set up at his home.
Reginald has been doing his ‘Sing With Me’ series since 2018 to create musical experiences that make people feeling happy and free.
The video of the soulful rendition has gone viral on YouTube. While commenting on the video, Gaurang said, “I am feeling really really glad that I came back to sing with you!! Reggie you are really awesome!! I was literally in shock when you responded “perfect” to what I said about knowing only hindi (songs). You are a fast learner and was really amazed that you literally learnt the tune within minutes!!” He added that it was a “wonderful memory for my life”.


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