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The song is about a sweet dilemma by a lover who wants to know if he is a gift or a pain
More than singing, Vaibhav Shrivastava aka Vayu, enjoys songwriting and confessing of the same the young lyricist who recently dropped a new single Tohfa, tells us, “I don’t consider myself a singer. I write to my own tunes. I like how a song can tell about things in a very different way. And I am quite attracted to concept-based songs. The challenge of dealing with a thought and then presenting in a beautiful lyrical way attracts me and I enjoy the challenge the most.”

Tohfa, a romantic number that chronicles a dilemma of a lover, albeit a sweet one, is soothing, catchy and will stay with you for a longer time. “A lot of credit goes to Vaibhav and Manohar. I was in Bhopal during the lockdown last year and Manohar was strumming the guitar and playing some chords and I started singing to it. Manohar did the programming and Vaibhav did his magic,” informs Vayu who has to his credit quirky dance numbers in Hindi films like Banno and Beat Pe Booty. Continuing, he adds, “The song is about a sweet dilemma by a lover who wants to know if he is bothering his love interest or his presence is desirable for her. We all go through that dilemma.
Talking about the video which conveys the story in a sweet way Vayu tells us, “The concept is by Tani and her team. I hadn’t seen Tani’s work but when I saw one of her projects it had me convinced. It just fitted so well with the song.” The video was shot in Kerala.
Listen here: Vayu – Tohfa | Official Music Video | Vaibhav Pani | Manohar Rao | Love Song 2021 – YouTube
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