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Varisu director Vamshi triggered by 'serial' question! Twitter reacts

Varisu written and directed by Vamshi Paidipally is currently on day 7 of its theatrical run, and an interview with the director decoding the movie post-release was unveiled by the Cinema Vikatan YouTube channel today. At the 26: 33 mark of this video interview, the anchor questions Vamshi if the serial references in Varisu was an act of trolling the critics/reviewers, who had predicted a serial-vibe to the movie from the film’s trailer. The anchor also wanted to know if Vamshi had indeed seen Metti Oli, a popular Tamil soap from the early 2000s. 
While Vamshi started off by heartily laughing at this question, he immediately switched gears and went off on an unexpectedly heated rant. “I don’t disrespect critics..but my motive of making films is audience, whatever the audience likes I make…Theirs (audeince’s) is the only review I believe in…After seeing Maharshi (2019 Telugu film) they wrote something something it went on to win a National award.. I don’t even read reviews, I don’t even know things.”
Vamshi then went on to passionately add, “What is happening today is that, even when a film poster is coming out of a big hero, or a big collaboration, people are trying to write a 100 things imagining so many things. First see the film, let it come out, WATCH IT, FIRST SAVOUR IT, ENJOY IT (caps denote the loudness of Vamshi’s tone).”
No one is doing social service here.
End of the day, it’s business
The director continued, “Do you ALL know how tough it is to make a film these days? Do you know how much team is working out there to make a film work? Do you know how much hardwork people are putting in there to entertain audience? Brother it’s not a joke brother, it’s not a joke! There are so many sacrifices every filmmaker is making, There are so many sacrifices every lead actor is making, Its Thalapathy Vijay, one of the biggest stars of the country, do you know how much hard he works for a film? Even now he rehearses for every song, he practices dialogue..only efforts are in our hands, results are never in our hands. He (Vijay) is my review writer, he is my critic. I make films for him!”
He kinda lost it here. Criticism will always exist. There is no need to react to them. Learn from Vijay.#Vijay
Every lead part of the crew are earning in crores and he talks about rehearsing dialogues & why criticising the movie is wrong 🤡
‘He practices every dialogue and come and tell on screen’ Enna pa idhella.. he charges 100 crores per film bro idhaan avaroda vela. And it’s bare minimum.
Vamshi finally addresses the serial comparisons at this point and says, “And what is this? What serial? Why are you degrading serials? Why are you degrading TV serials? You know how many people it is keeping engrossed in the evenings? Your uncle, your grandmother, go and see at home – their life is getting more engaged because of these (serials). Why are you degrading it? Don’t degrade anything brother. That (serials) is also a creative job. This (films) is also a creative job. If you want to stoop down and put down people, then please remember, you are putting yourself down. Don’t be so negative..If you start becoming negative, it starts up eating inside you more than anyone.”
I accept your tweet… Beast gave a Good Cinematic Experience for me especially that cameraworks impressed me alot than Varisu…
Yea and we do criticise serials also la these days. Vengeance, toxicity, evilness lam illama serial edunga. Inda nadu road la plastic surgery pandradu, 40 episode ah nadakaradu, Patriarchy idelam vendam nu we do criticise la? 🤔🤔🤔 we hv also enjoyed some best written serials la
Why if it’s bad shall comment when there is option for praising there is this option too…

And no director or actor can dictate this to people watching films…
Vamshi pesrathula I don’t agree
But Varisu was going very gud in theatres
Audiences too accepted it
Vamshi concludes the question by stating, “I dont take this (reviews).. because I have a journey from software engineering to films, I know what I am capable of today…if I start taking these (serial comparisons or other criticisms from reviewers) seriously, then I start disrespecting my work, which I will never do…”


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