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Thunivu Plot/Synopsis/Story

It is not unusal for the storyline of a movie to be out before the actual film’s release. However with the upcoming Pongal release Thunivu, which has not even had a teaser/trailer release yet, the official synopsis along with other plot hints are out and about.
Thunivu, a movie centered around money follows a mysterious mastermind, played by Ajith and his team of four played by Manju Warrier, Amir, Pavani and Cibi Bhuvana Chandran. They form an elaborate plan and commit bank heists across Chennai. Their motive behind these heists remain a mystery and forms the rest of the story.
Thunivu is scheduled to release in theaters on January 12, 2023 which is about 27 days from now; The film’s release date has not yet been officially announced by the makers, because of the perquisite that it can only be done post censor board clearance in India. 
However Thunivu advance bookings were opened recently in the UK and given the mandate there that a film’s plot has to be listed by theaters, Thunivu synopsis is now out in the open.


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