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18 October 2022, 14:39
By Sam Prance
Will there be a The Watcher season 2? Here's everything we know about the future of the Netflix show.
The Watcher is the most popular show on Netflix right now so it's no wonder that fans are begging for a second season of it.
Created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. and based on a true story, The Watcher follows a couple who purchase and move into their dream home. However, it soon becomes clear that Dean and Nora Braddock are not welcome where they live. Not only do they have creepy neighbours but they also begin receiving threatening letters from someone named The Watcher.
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Season 1 ends leaving viewers wanting more but will there be a second season? Here's everything we know so far about The Watcher season 2, including the release date, cast, trailer, spoilers and news about the future of the drama.
As it stands, Netflix are yet to say if The Watcher will return for a second season and, given that it's a miniseries, it's possible that it will end with just one season. However, in recent years, popular limited series like Big Little Lies and The White Lotus have been renewed for second seasons, so anything is possible.
The cast and crew are yet to reveal anything about a second season but we'll let you know as soon as we know more.
Considering the fact that the show is yet to be renewed, Netflix haven't confirmed a release date for The Watcher season 2 just yet. Netflix often wait around a year between releasing new seasons of their shows so, if there is a second season, it's very likely that we won't see it until earliest October 2023.
Season 1 has 10 episodes and we imagine that season 2 will be a similar length if it gets picked up.
Given that The Watcher ends with the mystery of who The Watcher is still unsolved, there's room for a second season of the show to explore that further. The mystery hasn't been solved in real life but the show diverts from the true story a lot, so there's no reason why season 2 couldn't go down an even more fictional route.
It's also possible that The Watcher could become an anthology series about different families who are stalked in their own homes. If so, there's room for season 2 to explore another true story or be completely fictional.
This all depends on what direction a potential second season takes. If The Watcher season 2 continues to tell the story of the Braddocks, we reckon that all the main cast will be back. In other words, expect to see: Naomi Watts (Nora), Bobby Cannavale (Dean), Isabel Gravitt (Ellie) and Luke David Blumm (Carter) return as the Braddock family.
It's also likely that the ensemble cast: Jennifer Coolidge (Karen), Margo Martindale (Maureen), Mia Farrow (Pearl), Terry Kinley (Jasper), Christopher MacDonald (Detective Chamberland) and Joe Mantello (John Graff) will be back for more.
Given that Noma Dumezweni and Richard Kind's characters, Theodora and Mitch, both die, it's unlikely that they'll be reprising their roles.
However, if the show becomes an anthology series, there's room for any of the cast to return as new characters.
We also imagine that season 2 would feature plenty new faces if it happens.
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There's no The Watcher season 2 trailer just yet but we shall update you as soon as there is one.
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