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While many crime films are thrill-a-minute action romps, the latest arrival from Netflix takes things at a much more deliberate pace as it weaves layers of character into its unfolding story.
That film is The Stranger, which details a carefully planned undercover police operation that hopes to bring the perpetrator of a heinous crime to justice.
As the opening title card of the film reveals, The Stranger is inspired by real events but what is the true story on which the film is based?
After a cinema release in Australia earlier in the month, The Stranger skulked its way on to Netflix on Wednesday, October 19, 2022.
Starring Joel Edgerton and Sean Harris, the film follows an intense undercover police operation that hopes to bring the perpetrator behind a child’s disappearance and possible murder to justice.
At the heart of the story is Mark, an undercover police officer tasked with befriending and eliciting a confession from Henry Teague, the suspect in James Liston’s disappearance eight years earlier.
The Stranger is loosely based on the real-life murder of 13-year-old schoolboy Daniel Morcombe, who was abducted from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in Australia and killed in December 2003.
After an eight-year investigation and an undercover operation inspired by one pioneered in Canada, police arrested Brett Peter Cowan in August 2011. He was convicted of Daniel’s murder in 2014 and sentenced to life in prison.
The undercover operation in question is known as the Mr Big Procedure and sees undercover officers pose as criminals in an effort to win the trust of a suspect and elicit a confession.
For the film, however, details such as the characters’ names as well as the film’s time period have been altered as the Morcombe family didn’t approve of having their son’s name attached to the film adaptation.
Speaking in a statement quoted by, Daniel’s father, Bruce Morcombe, said: “We absolutely said ‘no we don’t want any part of that.’ Daniel’s legacy is all about educating kids.”
In July, Daniel’s mother, Denise Morcombe, posted the following statement on Twitter: “The movie The Stranger is not supported by the Morcombe family.
“Individuals who make money on a heinous crime are parasites. They are callously disrespectful to Daniel, the DMF (Daniel Morcombe Foundation) and the Morcombe family.”
In response, Netflix said in a statement: “The Stranger is a fictionalized account of the undercover police operation that resulted in a successful murder prosecution. Out of our deepest respect for the family, the name of the victim is never mentioned in the film and the film does not depict any details of the murder. Nor is the family represented in the film in any way.
“Instead it tells the story of the unknown police professionals who committed years of their lives and their mental and physical health to resolve this case and others like it.
“When the film was first in development, the producers approached the family to make them aware of the film. They declined to be involved. It is a decision we continue to respect.”
The Stranger is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on Wednesday, October 19, 2022.
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