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Halloween is nearly here, and Prime Video and Hulu are pulling out all the stops to ring in the occasion. Here’s what to binge this weekend.
Halloween is right around the corner as the seasonal joys of autumn become increasingly apparent, from the leaves changing to the weather finally starting to cool down after a sweltering summer. Prime Video and Hulu have each unveiled their latest set of television and film programming as October 2022 continues, from the premiere of original programming to fan favorites being added to the respective streaming libraries. CBR is here with a full line of recommendations to binge on the digital platforms as the penultimate weekend in October begins.
Here are all the best picks to stream on Hulu and Prime Video as audiences embrace sweater weather and stay inside to keep warm. From horror anthologies in television and film to sci-fi stories that bend the laws of space and time, there is plenty to enjoy on the two streaming services this weekend.
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Acclaimed filmmaker Robert Eggers’ historical revenge tale The Northman has arrived on Prime Video this month in all its bloody gory. Opening in theaters earlier this year, the sweeping epic The Northman features an all-star cast led by Alexander Skarsgard as the Viking warrior prince Amleth. After Amleth’s father is killed by his uncle, who subsequently takes Amleth’s mother as his bride, the young prince swears to achieve vengeance.
Fueled by Skarsgard’s intense performance as Amleth, The Northman boasts Eggers’ unflinching directorial style as it weaves an engaging tale of fire and blood. Skarsgard is joined by Nicole Kidman, Claes Bang, Anya Taylor-Joy and Ethan Hawke as this dark vision of the Viking Age comes to life. A taut meditation on violence and the price it exacts on all involved, The Northman stands as Eggers’ most accessible work to date and one of the year’s more overlooked films.
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The 2014 science fiction novel The Peripheral by prolific author William Gibson has been adapted into a Prime Video original series. Chloe Grace Moretz leads an impressive cast as a young woman named Flynne Fisher, who helps her brother recover from the injuries he sustained while serving in the Marines and receiving cybernetic implants. The series premiered this week, with the eight-episode series unveiling a new installment each Friday.
Despite its grounded beginnings, The Peripheral delves into evolving timelines and possible futures as Flynne discovers there’s more to her brother’s condition than meets the eye. Executive produced by Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, The Peripheral is a time-bending tale that keeps its focus squarely on Flynne across its massive jumps throughout the timeline. A fresh take on the complexities of time travel and its wider ramifications, The Peripheral is set to thrill Prime Video audiences looking for something to fill the void left by The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.
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One film that has only continued to grow more relevant in the 11 years since its initial release is The Social Network, depicting the origins of Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg. Directed by David Fincher from a screenplay written by Aaron Sorkin, The Social Network recounts Zuckerberg’s rise to power, with plenty of broken friendships along the way. The Academy Award-winning movie is set to leave Hulu before the end of October, making this the last weekend to stream it on the platform.
Framed within a costly legal deposition filed against Zuckerberg between its founding staff, The Social Network follows the young programmers from their college exploits to bitter falling out years later. As the group’s creation completely revolutionizes social media and online culture, the heightened profile and affluence lead to increasingly morally underhanded actions. With cast and crew operating at the height of their creative powers, The Social Network stands as arguably even more resonant now than its debut in 2010.
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While FX’s popular horror anthology television series American Horror Story has mixed up its premise and cast every season, the tenth season took this rotating distinction a step further. Featuring the subtitle Double Feature, American Horror Story Season 10 is divided into two distinct standalone story arcs. The first half of the season features a twist on vampires as a writer goes to extreme lengths to cure his writer’s block, while the second half leans into an extraterrestrial conspiracy.
Featuring many of the familiar faces behind the usual American Horror Story cast, albeit as completely new characters as per the series’ tradition, American Horror Story continues to deliver the scares. Delving into two entirely sub-genres within horror, Double Feature showcases the terrifying rollercoaster ride that has endeared the show to millions of fans for years. With the new season available to stream on Prime Video, now is the perfect time to get caught up in time for the upcoming Season 11.
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The cinematic horror anthology format is alive and well thanks to the V/H/S series, created in 2012 by film producer Brad Miska and his popular horror studio Bloody Disgusting. The first three V/H/S films are now available to stream on Prime Video, offering scary movie fans the perfect triple feature. And with serious talent behind the camera, audiences are set to get a gory bang for their buck with the sheer amount of stories and quality behind the horror movie franchise.
Serving as love letters to lo-fi horror flicks of the ‘80s and ‘90s, each V/H/S film features a host of short stories helmed by rotating creative teams. Covering everything from slasher stories to the outright supernatural, they also feature a variety of tales covering the entire horror genre. With everyone from Adam Wingard to David Bruckner contributing to the series, V/H/S always packs a visceral punch as it delivers bloody thrills.
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