The Kingsman Movies In Order: A Guide To The Action-Packed Franchise

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The Origins of the Kingsman

The Kingsman franchise began in 2014 with the release of the first film, Kingsman: The Secret Service. Directed by Matthew Vaughn, the movie is based on the comic book series The Secret Service by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons. The film stars Colin Firth as Harry Hart, a suave and sophisticated spy who recruits a young street kid named Eggsy (Taron Egerton) to join the Kingsman, a secret intelligence agency.

The Sequels

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The second film in the franchise, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, was released in 2017. This time around, Eggsy and the Kingsman team up with their American counterparts, the Statesman, to take down a ruthless drug lord named Poppy Adams (Julianne Moore). The film also features appearances from a star-studded cast, including Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, and Jeff Bridges.

The King’s Man

The third film in the franchise, The King’s Man, serves as a prequel to the first two films. Set during World War I, the movie follows a group of soldiers who form the precursor to the Kingsman organization. The film stars Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, and Harris Dickinson, among others, and was released in 2021.

The Future of the Franchise

There are currently no announced plans for a fourth Kingsman film, but director Matthew Vaughn has expressed interest in continuing the series. In addition, there are reports of a potential spin-off film centered around the character of Statesman agent Tequila, played by Channing Tatum in The Golden Circle.

Why We Love the Kingsman Movies

The Kingsman movies are beloved by audiences for their fast-paced action, stylish visuals, and tongue-in-cheek humor. The films pay homage to classic spy movies while also subverting genre conventions, resulting in a unique and entertaining franchise. With a fourth film and potential spin-off on the horizon, fans of the Kingsman can look forward to even more thrilling adventures in the years to come.

The Legacy of the Kingsman Franchise

The Kingsman franchise has already made a significant impact on popular culture. The films have spawned a comic book series, a mobile game, and even a clothing line. In addition, the franchise has introduced a new generation of moviegoers to classic spy movie tropes and inspired a renewed interest in the genre. The Kingsman movies may be relatively new to the scene, but their impact is sure to be felt for years to come.


Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the franchise, the Kingsman movies are sure to provide plenty of thrills and excitement. From the stylish action scenes to the witty dialogue, these films are a must-watch for anyone who loves spy movies or just wants to be entertained. So grab some popcorn and settle in for a wild ride with the Kingsman!

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