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Netflix is always on the move with its content catering to audiences all over the globe. The upcoming German period drama series The Empress will once again take us through the same political contest of power, and romantic strife.
The series brings a sharp narrative around how an Empress must present herself to the world. As the trailer dictates, she “must stay untouchable and unassailable, always”, which also digs into the burdensome expectations put on her shoulder after being in power. Interacting with the “common folk” directly may be looked down upon by the court but the eponymous character takes it upon herself to tend to their hardships.
The first season of the drama series, created by Katharina Eyssen and Lena Stahl will break all standing rules about the court dictum and pronounce that mere love is not enough for one’s sustenance in life. Read ahead to find out all you should know about the show before binge-watching it later this week.
Devrim Lingnau plays the titular protagonist with Philip Froissant as Emperor Franz Joseph. Melika Foroutan will be seen as the latter’s mother, Johannes Nussbaum as Archduke Maximilian, Elisa Schlott as the Empress’ older sister, Jordis Triebel as the mother of the two sisters, and more.
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The storyline follows a romantic trope wherein princess Elisabeth falls for Emperor Franz Joseph, also her sister’s fiance. After her marriage to the Emperor, the two shift to Vienna where she has to play the dutiful role of the Empress while having to deal with her crafty in-laws. Other courtly dynamics and power struggles play into the plot as it progresses.
Netflix’s original synopsis of the show reads:
When rebellious Elisabeth falls for Emperor Franz and becomes his unlikely bride, she enters a world of tension and intrigue at the Viennese court.
The Empress is coming to Netflix this Thursday, September 29, 2022. Check out the trailer of the epic romance ready to shine on the platform.
Are you intrigued by the premise of the series? Is this period drama already on your watchlist? Let us know in the comments section below.
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