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Loren Bouchard’s popular adult animated sitcom is hitting the big screen!
Back in 2007, history was made when the long-running FOX animated sitcom The Simpsons hit the big-screen with The Simpsons Movie. Now the ever-popular sitcom Bob’s Burgers will be following in its yellow-hued cousin’s footsteps with The Bob’s Burgers Movie.
First announced back in 2017, it’s been a long road to The Bob’s Burgers Movie and after countless delays that date back to even before COVID, it looks like we’re finally going to see Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise Belcher on the big screen in their biggest adventure yet.
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When The Bob’s Burgers Movie was first announced back in October 2017, 20th Century Fox gave the film a release date of July 17, 2020 which would have had it opening opposite Christopher Nolan’s Tenet but of course, that film had its fair share of delays as well. Shortly after the announcement, it was revealed that the Walt Disney Company was in talks to purchase 20th Century Fox, which put the film’s fate into question.
Two years after the film was announced, Disney briefly pulled the film off of its release schedule before being added back on with a representative from the studio claiming the removal was the fault of an error in their systems. In April of 2020 in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the film was officially pushed back to April 9, 2021.
All was quiet on the movie’s front once again until January 2021 when the film was pulled off the schedule. The film’s director Loren Bouchard assured fans that the film was still in the works but that he and his team wanted to wait to reveal a new date when audiences would feel completely safe going back to the theater.
Finally, in September of 2021, Disney unveiled a teaser poster for the film and revealed its new release date: May 22, 2022. It’ll now be opening simultaneously with one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer season with the long-delayed Top Gun: Maverick.
There are two exactly! The first trailer, which is really more of a teaser than anything, hit the web on January 10 and gave longtime fans of the series a glimpse at the Belcher's first venture to the big screen. The trailer opens with a spoof of fast-food commercials, showing a burger getting made and a deep masculine voice narrating, with Linda Belcher's voice being heard quietly in the background before transitioning to her showing Bob and Teddy her 'Sexy Burger' outfit. The rest of the trailer doesn't really give the audience much sense of a plot outside of it being set during summertime and the Belcher family is looking for new ways to stay afloat during the season of sun.
The second trailer, while still running under two minutes, gives us a clearer view of what we can expect the film's story to be like. The trailer starts off showing an overwhelming amount of stress being put upon Bob as the Summer season begins, not only is there now a sinkhole right in front of his restaurant but he has only one week to make a payment to keep his business afloat. The trailer seems to tease that Bob, Linda, and Teddy will spend a lot of the movie out of the restaurant trying to find ways to still sell burgers outside of the restaurant, while Tina, Gene, and Louise embark on an intriguing mystery of their own.
All of the main cast of the long-running series will be reprising their roles for the theatrical film. H. Jon Benjamin will once again voice the titular Bob Belcher, John Roberts will voice Bob’s peppy wife Linda Belcher, Dan Mintz will voice the fan-favorite awkward eldest child Tina Belcher, Eugene Mirman will voice the goofy middle child Gene Belcher, and Kristen Schaal will voice the chaotic youngest child Louise Belcher.
Outside of the Belcher clan, others who are scheduled to appear will be Larry Murphy voicing family friend Teddy. Sam Seder confirmed back in June that he’ll be making a cameo in the film as health inspector Hugo. We also know that Tina’s love-interest Jimmy Junior will be popping up in the movie thanks to a behind-the-scenes still Bouchard tweeted out back in January. Kevin Kline will be reprising his recurring role from the series as Calvin Fischoeder, the wealthy one-eyed landlord. Other recurring cast members who will be reprising their roles from the series include Zach Galifianakis, Jenny Slate, David Wain, Aziz Ansari, David Herman, Gary Cole, Brian Huskey, Jenny Slate, Ron Lynch, and Stephanie Beatriz.
The official plot synopsis for The Bob's Burgers Movie reads:

“The Bob’s Burgers Movie” is an animated, big-screen, musical comedy-mystery-adventure based on the long-running Emmy®-winning series. The story begins when a ruptured water main creates an enormous sinkhole right in front of Bob's Burgers, blocking the entrance indefinitely and ruining the Belchers’ plans for a successful summer. While Bob and Linda struggle to keep the business afloat, the kids try to solve a mystery that could save their family's restaurant. As the dangers mount, these underdogs help each other find hope and fight to get back behind the counter, where they belong.
The film will supposedly give fans the origin story of Louise’s iconic bunny ears hat that she seemingly never voluntarily takes off. There will also be a minor subplot of the film that will involve Louise and her trusty nightlight Kuchi Kopi inside her fantasy world. Bouchard also addressed that the film will delve into Bob’s relationship with his parents and will go more in depth with the death of his mother. Bouchard claimed that this film is where him and his team will ‘lay it all out on the field.’ “I can guarantee it will be the best movie we could possibly make. We are leaving no stone unturned.”
Carrying on the show’s tradition of having some memorable musical numbers, Bouchard confirmed that the film will be a musical. Following in a similar path as another adult animated series turned film, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, the Belcher’s big-screen debut will be a bit more musical than the average episode of the show.
We’ve often heard the stories about how both the South Park and SpongeBob Squarepants movies were initially made as series finales but their success revitalized the show. So it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to consider that maybe Loren Bouchard and his team made The Bob’s Burgers Movie as a conclusion to the long-running show, especially as Bouchard also works on The Great North and Central Park. Thankfully it won’t be the last we see of The Belcher family as Fox has already ordered a thirteenth season that will premiere after the film hits theaters.
It won’t be! Loren Bouchard confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con that a theater-bound short film was created before the pandemic titled “My Butt Has A Fever.” Whether or not this short will play before the movie itself or another Disney release is unknown at this time. The Simpsons have still been able to maintain a presence in theaters with their Maggi Simpson short films, so who’s to say that Bob’s Burgers can’t do the same with one of its characters.
It won’t be, but for those who don't want to make the trip out to the theater, you may not have too long of a wait as the film will likely be released on both Hulu and HBO Max, 45 days after the film hits theaters and will debut on Disney+ for international viewers.
If you’re a Hulu subscriber, then you’re in luck as the entire series of Bob’s Burgers is available to stream on Hulu along with some of your other favorite adult animated series. If you’re in a country that doesn’t have Hulu, then you will be able to stream the hit series on Disney+ through the Star category. So if you want to watch or rewatch the show in its entirety prior to the film’s release in the summer of 2022 or if reading this article made you want to rewatch your favorite episode, just jump over to Hulu and start streaming away.
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