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Get the best jigsaw puzzles for movie fans to have some silver-screen fun.
Jigsaw puzzles have been keeping people occupied for centuries. The first ever jigsaw puzzle has been tenuously credited to John Spilsbury, who in 1760 had glued a map to a flat piece of wood and cut it into pieces along the borders of each country. A lot has changed since then and although a cartographic piece is a popular choice for jigsaw puzzlers, there are a lot of different images you can reassemble.
Jigsaw puzzles are great for a few reasons; if you want a ‘screen time’ break, to alleviate some boredom or to dust a few cobwebs from the problem-solving side of your brain, jigsaw puzzles can be a really useful pastime.
If you think jigsaw puzzles are boring, a good tip to keep you enthralled and to continue picking out the edges for hours, is to choose a jigsaw puzzle of an image you are interested in. These days, there is a huge variety of jigsaw puzzle images to choose from. No longer do you have to complete a jigsaw of an idyllic countryside, similar to a jigsaw puzzle that you would find in your granny’s cupboard.
If like us at Screen Rant, you love film, then a jigsaw puzzle with your favorite TV show, movie image, or poster is the perfect way to keep you occupied for hours. There are a lot of choices out there, so we have compiled a top 10 list of the best jigsaw puzzles for movie fans. Your preferred movie based jigsaw puzzle will depend on your taste in film, but this list will be an eclectic round up suitable for all ages and tastes. So sit back, grab a beverage and get ready to see the best jigsaw puzzle's for movie fans.
Ravensburger is the best-selling puzzle brand worldwide due to the quality of the puzzle pieces, the thoughtful selection of images and their commitment to supplying jigsaw puzzles with every piece. They are also very quick to sort a customer out if a jigsaw puzzle did get through the cracks with a missing piece. You can always rely on a good product. This Little Mermaid jigsaw puzzle is no exception. It is a captivating image on this jigsaw as it shows Ariel and the Prince in the boat, with so much relying on their first kiss, it is an exciting scene as Flounder and friends help set a romantic atmosphere. This is all captured in the jigsaw with Ravensburger expected color, it really pops and is super vibrant.
There are 1,000 pieces in total in this puzzle, and we have deemed it intermediate difficulty. Although there is not a huge amount of pieces compared to other puzzles on this list, there is enough to keep you busy for over five hours. Some colors can be hard to determine, so you will need to keep your concentration up or at least take plenty of breaks. This is a part of Ravensburger's Disney Collector’s Edition series, which seems to be rather popular and will be appreciated by any Disney fan out there. The interlocking fit is apparent with this jigsaw puzzle and you should be able to pick it up in one piece when completed, that's a testament to the quality on offer here.
The Blockbuster Alien 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle is a brilliant option for Horror and Sci-Fi fans of all ages. Adorned on the surface of the jigsaw is the famous Alien Egg, the natural incubator and home of the rather uncomfortably named 'Facehugger'. If you have seen the Alien movies you will understand how grossly accurate that name is. ew! Anyway, the surface of the jigsaw also has the most famous Xenomorph of the Alien franchise, the warrior. Also making up the complete puzzle image is the rather plain, but totally iconic, Alien movie title. On completion this jigsaw looks brilliant and the green and black colors really make the full image stand out.
The Blockbuster jigsaw set makes for a great present, for movie fans and puzzle fans alike. The jigsaw puzzle itself is stored in a retro Blockbuster VHS videotape box, just like the ones you rented on your Saturday night, totally nostalgic. Also included is a movie bookmark, which is a nice touch as you don't usually get anything else with a jigsaw. This is official Blockbuster and Alien merchandise which makes it suitable for many collectors out there.
The jigsaw is only 500 pieces in total, so don't expect to be challenged too relentlessly. You will probably be able to get this complete in one sitting, so if you are looking for a tougher challenge then this isn't going to be the puzzle for you. However, since there is only 500 pieces which are relatively easy to assemble, this would be a great gift for those Sci-Fi fans who are slightly younger, or perhaps those Alien fans who don't get their kicks by spending weeks upon weeks doing a 10,000-piece puzzle. Either way, thanks to Blockbuster for making a really cool, displayable puzzle for us Alien dorks.
The Box Office success of Jaws has Roger Kastel to thank. Kaster is the artist who designed the original movie poster which is now instantly recognisable to just about every generation, even if you haven't seen the movie. The Jaws poster has been ripped off, emblazoned on all different types of merchandise and parodied. Part of the posters' success is the visual story telling, instantly when you see the poster you know exactly what type of movie you are going to see. Kastel masterfully managed to sell the promise of a story in one image, without emblazoning the images of the main actors, which a lot of movie posters tend to do. Success was evident and Box Office figures proved that as Jaws was the first movie the break the $7 million mark, back in 1975. Now, a lot of this was due to Steven Spielberg's natural knack of storytelling, but we'll also give plenty of credit to Roger Kastel's brilliant poster.
Now, the good folks over at Blockbuster have made a brilliant little jigsaw of the world-famous poster! This 500-piece puzzle comes with a retro Blockbuster VHS videotape box, which is an instant winner in our books. The vibrant poster looks spectacular when you finally get to the end, and it cries out to be framed and displayed. The puzzle itself is 18 by 24 inches, so it is a decent size which will take up plenty of wall space if you decide to do so. The jigsaw pieces are durable and tend to snap together with ease. The materials used aren't quite as strong as others on this list, but they do the job and won't break apart if you are relatively gentle with it.
Although this jigsaw puzzle is only 500 pieces, it is actually quite tricky in some parts. The water, in particular, will make you spend an hour or two scratching your head as there are only very subtle differences in the blue color palette. However, this just adds to the satisfaction when you finally complete it. Unlike other Blockbuster jigsaw sets, there is no free movie bookmark with this one, boo!
What's more fun than The Goonies? Perhaps a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle of the iconic The Goonies movie poster! Clementoni have produced a super attractive, fun-to-assemble jigsaw puzzle of The Goonies movie poster, there is a lot to love about this one and the further you get to completing the final picture the more color and characters it reveals. The Goonies has been a favorite of children and adults since its initial release in 1985, it is a true family favorite. If your go-to film at a family get to together is The Goonies, this is a great puzzle for you.
Clementoni is a great brand to buy from for a variety of reasons. Firstly, they are incredibly environmentally friendly and care about a sustainable product which will have the least negative impact on the Earth's atmosphere. Their jigsaw puzzle pieces are made from recycled materials and avoid any components that use pollutants, way to go guys! The recycled materials also feel nice and sturdy, so there is no compromise on quality either. They have a brilliant 'lost pieces' policy meaning if you lose any jigsaw puzzle piece within five years of purchasing, they will replace that part for free! So rest assured, you are buying from a company that cares about its customers.
Being 500 pieces, the puzzle isn't incredibly difficult to assemble. Perfect for kids or those who don't want to spend too long putting a puzzle together. The puzzle is stored in a retro videotape box which further evokes the nostalgia trip. This would be a great gift for a movie lover. Or if you are a movie fan yourself, this jigsaw puzzle would certainly slot well into any collection. Clementoni are so confident and proud of their product that they encourage you to frame the completed puzzle and have it on display to be the envy of all!
This is one action-packed jigsaw puzzle. Where others have focussed on a Movie poster or a collage of well-known characters, Buffalo games have created a jigsaw puzzle with some of the most well-loved and memorable scenes from Star Wars in incredibly intricate detail. In one corner, you have Luke battling Darth Vadar from Return of the Jedi, Green lightsaber included, at the other end of the Jigsaw you have the Rebel Starfleet battling with TIE Fighters on the surface of the Death Star and if you look really closely, you may be able to spot Han Solo fending off some pursuing Stormtroopers. The detail is incredible! The different scenes depicted on this jigsaw is what make it incredibly fun, and you won't tire from spotting something new. There is a Where's Wally feel to the final image that many people will love.
The jigsaw itself is 2,000 pieces in total and although not the most on this list, it is a tricky and time-consuming jigsaw puzzle to complete. As mentioned before, this is largely due to the intricate detail of the movie scenes and because some scenes are so small. However, this is where a lot of enjoyment comes from completing a jigsaw puzzle, so get stuck in! Buffalo Games always make perfect quality puzzle pieces with an eye on sustainability, as all pieces are made from 100 percent recycled material. Also included is a colored bonus poster of the completed jigsaw which definitely assists in completion. The pieces are Buffalo Games' trademarked Perfect Snap pieces, which attach together very easily and stick together firmly.
There really isn't a lot to criticize about this jigsaw puzzle, so if Star Wars is your thing, or if you just enjoy a challenging good-quality jigsaw puzzle, you should really consider this!
Lord of the Rings' fans love collecting memorabilia, especially when it is officially licensed and is of good quality, trust me, I'm one of them. That is exactly what this Lord of the Rings 2,000-piece jigsaw puzzle by Aquarius is offering! This is 32 by 45 inches of Lord of the Rings goodness, depicting all of the main characters across different scenes of the movie franchise. Everyone is correct and present, from Aragorn to Théoden and Galadriel to Gollum. All of our favorite Middle-Earth protagonists have been collaged together in one very large, very beautiful jigsaw puzzle that will keep you entertained for hours.
Aquarius know how to make a well-fitting, good quality jigsaw puzzle and that is evident with this piece. Their Precision Fit puzzle pieces slot in easily with one and other and there is no need to forcibly press together pieces, if you do you, have got the wrong one! There is also anti-glare on the image side of the surface, making it much easier to see when assembling. This is also a nice touch incase you want to display the completed puzzle, which we would recommend since it looks so good! The Jigsaw is made from thick paper, and you can really feel the quality of it straight out of the box.
This Jigsaw Puzzle is a must-have for any movie fan, but it is recommended for adults. Also recommended for those with a lot of patience and a good eye to detail. There is a whopping 3,000 pieces in total, so chances are you aren't going to complete this in one go, and it may feel quicker walking to Mordor and back. Take your time with it, it is all a part of the process. There is no completely obvious and discernible color palette between the different characters, making it quite a difficult puzzle to assemble but if you do, the prize at the end is truly worth it.
Up is such an adorable film, from little Russell, a brave Junior Wilderness Explorer, trying to help a grumpy, slightly jaded Carl Fredricksen cross the road at his behest to Dug's obsession with squirrels. There is cuteness overload in every scene, although sadness lingers and interweaves in the main storyline, which is something that Walt Disney Pictures does so well. There is always plenty of evocative and emotional moments when you sit through a Disney film. It may be silly to say, but this jigsaw puzzle also manages to evoke a warm fuzzy feeling, this is because of the beautiful art by Darren Wilson that is displayed when the puzzle is complete.
This is a double-sided jigsaw puzzle and is the only one on this list. Wilson decided to go with a picture of Carl and Ellie Fredricksen on both sides of the puzzle, one of them when they were young and the other when they were old. Ellie, although only present for less than 10 minutes of the movie, is an important part since she is the inspiration for the journey to Paradise falls that Carl and Russell embark on. Every time Carl is reminded of Ellie, he does so with love and happy memories, which moves the most steely-eyed person into a bubbling mess. This puzzle moves you in the same way, it almost feels like a portrait of a missed family member and is a brilliant thing to have if you are a big Disney fan.
The puzzle itself is 1000 pieces in total and is quite tricky to assemble. It may take a few coffee breaks in between to get it complete. Another tricky thing to do is to decide what side of the puzzle you want to frame since both sides look brilliant. This is also a collector's item as it is a signature puzzle commemorating the 10th anniversary of the movies initial release. The only downside to that is the price, it is a bit more expensive compared to others.
A Jigsaw dedicated to the Marvel universe wouldn't feel right if it wasn't humongous, had lots of the main characters involved and didn't take you ages to get through. That's exactly what this 3,000-piece jigsaw puzzle from Aquarius delivers! Just like Aquarius' Lord of the Rings jigsaw puzzle on this list, this Avengers one is incredibly detailed. A lot of fans' favorites are correct and present, Dr. Strange, Iron Man, Black Panther, Thor, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Widow and the Hulk to name but a few! All amalgamated into one on this awesome collage. If you or someone in your life is a Marvel fan and a puzzler, this is surely a jigsaw puzzle straight from the heavens.
This is 100 percent officially licensed Marvel merchandise, no knockoffs here. Aquarius have not dropped the bar with their Avengers puzzle as the pieces are all precision fit, thankfully, as there is 3,000 bits to attach together. The thick, glare-free paper is perfect for displaying and this will look awesome on the wall in a nice picture frame. Aquarius are so confident that you will be satisfied that they offer a full refund if you are not 100% happy. There is no surprise they are that confident because the rich colors alone are enough to impress and leave you satisfied. If you are looking to keep your brain occupied through different means other than staring at your phone screen, this is a perfect solution. Since it does take a lot of concentration and commitment, this may not be the best suited to younger Marvel fans.
You didn't think we were going to a list of Best Jigsaw Puzzles for Movie Fans and not include one of the most well-loved and famous wizarding franchise, did you? Well no need to be disappointed as this 550-piece jigsaw puzzle captures a very special moment, the first glimpse of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As Harry and his classmates alight the Hogwarts express, they must board little boats to cross over to Hogwarts with only lanterns guiding their way. It is an atmospheric scene as Hogwarts sprawls into the picture, one that is remembered and loved by Harry Potter fans and the art on this jigsaw does it more than justice, it may even top it!
There are 550 pieces in total, which are made from thick pieces of card. This is always good news when the completed image is so wonderful as it is much easier to frame a sturdy jigsaw, rather than a flimsy one. The image is quite dark, so you may have to spend some time picking out pieces in the darker areas, but there are only 550 pieces in total, so it shouldn't take you too long. This is officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise making it perfect for any Potter aficionado.
The puzzle is produced by a company called USAOPOLY and is made in the United States. USAOPOLY have a good reputation at making board games, so the chances of receiving one of their jigsaw puzzles with a missing piece are low. There is a lot to love about this jigsaw, and it is definitely worth your time, regardless of being a Harry Potter fan or not.
This jigsaw puzzle is one for horror and slasher fans. Included is all of your favorite (is that the right term?) horror movie villains, murderers and creatures. Rachid Lotf, who is the artist that designed the image, has come up with a very artistic and creative way of referencing many cult classic movies. From Scream and Mike Myers masks' on the mantelpiece to the Saw and The Thing posters stuck up to the bedroom wall, this is a dream jigsaw for a horror fan. In the center of the jigsaw you have Sadako Yamamura from the ring creeping out of the television and a baby Alien scuttling about the floor, maybe not a dream but perhaps a nightmare! With the characters included, this is perhaps not a suitable jigsaw puzzle for children.
The jigsaw itself consists of 1,000 pieces altogether, which will take you a few hours to piece together. There is a lot of detail in the image which does make for quite a difficult assembly, with all the little intricacies it will take quite a bit of concentration. One thing that lets this jigsaw puzzle down is the fact that the picture on the front of the box doesn't fully display the image of the jigsaw, which can be a little confusing. If you are not a jigsaw puzzle whiz, your best bet is to get a picture of the completed image online to help you along the way. Apart from that, this is a great puzzle to keep you occupied for hours. The pieces are of good quality, and it is definitely sturdy enough to frame if you wish to do so. This puzzle is a great option if you are looking for something different to do during the spooky season!
Jigsaw puzzles are brilliant for a variety of reasons and completing a jigsaw puzzle has been linked to improving visual spatial reasoning, enhancing short term memory, increasing creativity and improving brain health! A jigsaw puzzle is also considered a complete brain exercise since both the left and right side of the brain is engaged whilst doing one. The right side of the brain is incharge of intuitive thinking whilst the left is the logical, methodical side.
Now, that is quite the list of brain improvements and if you believe it or not, there is one thing that is hard to deny, completing a jigsaw puzzle will always provide you with a sense of achievement. Especially if you manage to get through a 3,000-piece puzzle without lobbing the box across the room in frustration!
The benefits of completing a jigsaw puzzle was rediscovered by a lot of us over lockdown as we were forced indoors and had to look for many ways to keep ourselves occupied. A lot of people turned to puzzles, with jigsaw puzzles being one of the most popular. This resurgence has done table-top puzzles a world of good and now there are so many out there for people to get their hands on. No longer do you need to settle for a boring, uninspiring image that takes hours to complete. Many brands commission visual artists to create images that are captivating and will make you want to frame their jigsaw and present it for all to see.
The endless selection of amazing puzzles on offer is particularly true if you are a movie fan, as cinema lends itself very well to images that can be adorned on the face of a jigsaw puzzle. From iconic movie posters, like Roger Kastel's famous Jaws poster, to memorable moments from our favorite movie franchises, like the family duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Both of which are available to purchase and have been included in this list. Hopefully this list will help you movie fans out there pick the best jigsaw puzzles available to buy.


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