VRR Coming to the PlayStation 5


Sony is set to add VRR technology to its new PlayStation 5 console in a future update. The company has not yet disclosed when the update will be available for all PS5 models. The new feature will be available only on TVs that support HDMI 2.1 and will be supported by most games. It is not clear when the update will come to the PlayStation 5, but it is expected in December. Until then, you can check out the Xbox One X’s VRR capabilities.

There have been many reports about whether Sony will add VRR support to the PS5. Those that have seen the X900H’s VRR support have been disappointed. They have feared that Sony would delay the update because of its lack of support for 8K resolution. But Sony has been slow to make major changes to its TVs, so it may not even bother with VRR support for the PS5. But at least this update brings some improvements, including better controls for disabling in-game chat.

Sony is already working on the software to support VRR. It has already announced that the new console will support 4K120 via HDMI 2.1. But, if VRR does not arrive on the PS5, it may never see the light of day. But it has said that it will be added to the PS5 software in a future firmware update. For now, it’s a good sign for those who want to improve their games’ quality.

While the PlayStation5 is still far behind the Xbox Series X, VRR is already available on the Xbox and has been able to resolve screen-tearing issues. In addition to VRR, other improvements include an option to increase the RAM and improve the graphics. With the increased power of the PS5, the PlayStation5 is sure to be a big hit with gamers. If Sony can get the hardware right, it’ll be an instant hit.

As of December, Sony’s perfect for PS5 update brings two unique PS5 features. While the update doesn’t bring variable refresh rate, the update will bring VRR to the Sony X85J. While VRR wasn’t included in the PS5’s launch, the upgrade is coming to the PS5. Then, the PS5 will finally be fully compatible with all of the new games. However, the game will be able to keep up with its competitors.

Sony is preparing the VRR rollout for the next PS5 and the Sony TV. The gaming TV is not the only display to support the VRR standard, but it would certainly contribute to the pattern. If Sony doesn’t get VRR on its PlayStation, it’s going to be interesting for gamers. It’s a step in the right direction, as it enables users to view content in VRR-capable displays.


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