Babylon’s Fall Complete


Have you ever built such high hype for a game that turned out to be different from what you previously imagined? This is what seems to be experienced by many gamers with Babylon’s Fall. We’re talking about games that once carried the big names Platinum Games and Square Enix, which on paper, should be a good combination for a fantastic action RPG game. Moreover, in the first teaser, you can see the taste of a fantasy world that promises an epic story on it. Turns out oh it turns out, Babylon’s Fall is not what you think.

That instead of an offline RPG game, it appears as an action RPG game with a Games as a Service theme which, as predictable, will ask you to fight together with other players. With a mission to climb the Tower of Babel that is ready to offer many challenges, there is a choice of characters, classes, and weapons that you can take later. With a release just a few months away, Square Enix comes with some good news. That after going through several test periods, this game is finally officially finished!

This means, Babylon’s Fall will meet its pre-determined release date – next March 3, 2022 for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and of course – PC. What do you think? Sounds interesting?


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