World mess with Vinicius and racism: the support of Lula and Mbappé, the opinion of Ayuso, the clash with Thebes and the accusation of Ancelotti

  • reactions Ayuso equates the racist shouts to Vinicius with “the offenses against the King”
  • The league Vinicius explodes against Spain: “A country that I love and that is now known as a country of racists”

“Monkey, monkey, monkey”, sang part of the fans of Valencia to Vinicius when the bus real Madrid came to mestalla to play the league match against Valencia. The matter did not end there, since the Brazilian had to stop the game to signal several fans who imitated a monkey and pointed at the Brazilian. It is not the first time, but this time the thing has transcended football and many athletes and personalities have wanted to comment on the event.

Thus, sports voices like Rio Ferdinand, Mbapp, Ronaldo either infantino have wanted to give their support to Vinicius and many politicians like Peter, Sanchez, Lula da Silva either Isabel Diaz Ayuso They have given their opinion on a subject that goes beyond sport and is lodged in the ins and outs of society.

The Brazilian president was the first to speak in favor of the Real Madrid player, who said after the match that “racism is normal in the League”. Lula expressed in a press conference that “it is not possible, in the middle of the 21st century, to have a racial prejudice so strong in so many football stadiums. It is unfair that a poor boy who has done so well in life, who may become the best in the world – he is certainly the best at Real Madrid – is insulted in every stadium where he plays.”

Recently, and through social networks, the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez. “Zero tolerance for racism in football. Sport is based on the values ​​of tolerance and respect. Hate and xenophobia should have no place in our football or in our society,” Sánchez wrote on his Twitter account. of the.

For her part, the president of the Madrid’s community and PP candidate for re-election, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has defended that “Spain is not a racist country” but has stressed that this must be dealt with. During a live interview on ‘ABC’, the Madrid leader pointed out that the image that is transferred from Spain with these incidents is not “real”. Ayuso has emphasized that “Spain is not a racist country” and has pointed out that “the same thing happens” also with the “offenses against the king and against many other people” that occur on the pitches.

Ancelotti supports Vinicius: “He is not a person who has gone crazy, he is an entire stadium”

the brazilian Ronaldo Nazario, a former striker for the Brazilian national team and teams such as Barcelona, ​​Inter or Real Madrid and current president and owner of Valladolid, also sent a message of encouragement to his compatriot Vinicius Junior. “Vini, he’s counting on me in your fight. In our fight,” says Ronaldo in a message posted on his networks about a photo of the current Real Madrid winger. “Once again an episode of racism in @LaLiga”, says Ronaldo, who adds: “How long? As long as there is impunity and collusion, there will be racism. It is unacceptable that the referees, the Federation and the authorities are also without action and that the fans applauded such an absurd amount. Enough.”

“Who protects Vinijur in Spain?” “How many times do we have to see this young man subjected to this shit?” asked the former English player, and currently a television analyst. Ferdinand Riverwho sees “pain, disgust, that he needs help… and the authorities don’t do shit to help him. People need to unite and demand more from the authorities that run our game. No one deserves this, and yet they deserve it.” are allowing. There has to be a unified approach for this to be swept under the rug again.”

The French kylian mbappePSG striker, also showed his support: “You are not alone. We are with you and we support you”, terms similar to those used by neymar, also a player for the French team and a teammate of Vinicius’s team. “With you”, Neymar said in a message on the Instagram network.

The president of FIFA, the Swiss Gianni Infantinohas shown his solidarity with Vinicius Jr. “All our solidarity with Vinicius. There is no place for racism in football or in society, and FIFA supports all the players who have suffered it firsthand” , says the top leader of world football in a message posted on his social networks.

“The events that occurred during the match between Valencia and Real Madrid show how crucial this fight is,” Infantino pointed out in his message, in which he recalled that for this “there is a three-step process in FIFA competitions and recommends that it be used at all levels of football.”

Ministers Irene Montero, Alberto Garzn and Vice President Yolanda Díaz have also spoken out to call for an end to racism. “We have to be able to have a great social cord against racism and xenophobia, that protects the society that we are, a diverse society that respects everyone whatever the color of their skin,” Montero stressed.

Irene Montero: “The racist insults to Vinicius are the consequence of speeches like Ana Rosa’s”THE WORLD

Garzn has said that this type of phenomenon “demonstrates that racism is very inoculated within specific parts of the fans, especially those that are more ultras” we must be much more forceful with this type of case. “Racist chants in football stadiums they do not represent our country, nor any soccer fans. We will continue working to end racism,” said Yolanda Daz.

Rifirrafe with Thebes and support from Rubiales

After the meeting, Vinicius posted on Instagram that he is fed up with the situation. “It was not the first time, nor the second, nor the third. Racism is normal in LaLiga. The competition believes that it is normal, the Federation also and the opponents encourage it. I’m sorry. The championship that once belonged to Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano and Messi Today is for the racists,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Vinicius pointed out that from Brazil they see Spain as a nation of racists. “A beautiful nation, which welcomed me and the one I love, but which agreed to export to the world the image of a racist country. I am sorry for the Spanish who do not agree, but today, in Brazil, Spain is known as a country of racistsI added.

After reading it, the president of the employers’ association, javier thebes responded to the “insult”, asking the footballer not to be “manipulated”: “Before criticizing and insulting LaLiga, it is necessary that you inform yourself properly Vinicius. Do not let yourself be manipulated and make sure you understand each one’s powers well and the work that we have been doing together”, has settled.

The crossing on social networks was followed by Vinicius answering the message from Thebes, who has asked for “actions and punishments”. “Once again, instead of criticizing racists, the president of LaLiga appears on social networks to attack me. As much as you talk and pretend not to read, the image of your championship shakes,” said the player.

Already this Monday, Tebas has answered Vini again. “Neither Spain nor LaLiga are racist, it is very unfair to say that. “From LaLiga we denounce and persecute racism with all the hardness within our powers. This season racist insults have been reported 9 times (8 of them have been for insults against Vinicus). We always identify the rioters and file the complaint with the sanctioning bodies. It doesn’t matter how few they are, we are always relentless,” he said.

“We cannot allow the image of a competition that is above all a symbol of union between peoples to be tarnished, where more than 200 black players in 42 clubs they receive the respect and affection of all the fans every day, with racism being an extremely specific case (9 complaints) that we are going to eradicate”, he has sentenced. EFE

For his part, the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, has stated that Spanish football has “a problem of racism”.

The leader has appeared in the Soccer City of Las Rozas (Madrid) to make an institutional statement, with no time for questions from the media, for his role as “top manager of Spanish football” and for something that he considers “has acquired a dimension beyond football”, and that in addition He admits that “it’s not the first time.”

“We have a problem, the first thing is to recognize it, of behavior, education and racism. As long as there is a single undesirable or a group of undesirables who insults because of their sexual condition, creed or skin color, we have a serious problem, which also stains a whole team, a fan base, a club and a whole country”, Rubiales stressed.

The president of the RFEF has stressed that this “It is a problem that stains all of Spanish football” and he did not want to talk about Vincius’s behavior because you cannot “compare a grain of sand with a whole desert”. “Surely he is more right than we think and we can all do more,” she said.

In addition, the president has criticized the president of LaLiga, javier thebes, for responding to the footballer through social networks and having “irresponsible behavior”. “The directors are not here for that, we are here to solve the problems and this footballer was seriously attacked, it was not the time”, he lamented.

Ancelotti’s accusation

“LaLiga has a problem” with racism, declared Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti, commenting on the insults the Brazilian player received. “What has happened today has happened other times, but not like that. It’s unacceptable. The Spanish League has a problem. It’s not Vinicius. Vinicius is the victim. There is a very serious problem,” he stated emphatically.

“I spoke to him during the game, the atmosphere was very hot, very bad, I asked him if he wanted to continue playing. The fact that I think I have to remove it because the environment is racist, doesn’t seem right to me. I have to remove to a player if he doesn’t play well, but to think about removing a player for racism, it has never happened to me”, Ancelotti affirmed.

Ancelotti talks with Vinicius during the match.
Ancelotti talks with Vinicius during the match.alberto saizPA

“TO Vinicius he is continually disrespected in all fields in Spain”, denounced Dani Ceballos into the Movistar microphone after the final whistle. can tolerate”, added the goalkeeper merengue Thibaut Courtois.

Vinicius’s agency charges against LaLiga

Vincius Junior’s representation agency, TFMand Frederick Pena As the highest representative, they denounced in a statement what happened in Mestalla with their player, “immobilized in a cowardly, violent and unacceptable way”, and attacked Spanish football and LaLiga by assuring that “they do not accept that the most decisive athlete” is “a young black man”.

“During the match between Valencia and Real Madrid, we have witnessed scenes of generalized, intentional and already institutionalized racism, which are among the most disgusting in the history of football. Three years after the world was shocked by a video on the fact that George Floyd was brutally immobilized, today, the whole world has witnessed an event in which Vincius has been immobilized in a cowardly, violent and unacceptable way during an argument,” TFM denounced in a statement.

He then made a direct attack on LaLiga pointing to racism. “This is nothing more than another reflection of what has been seen throughout this season of LaLiga, in which it has become clear to the entire world that in all of Spain, they do not accept the role of a young black man. They do not accept that the most decisive and relevant athlete in LaLiga be a young black man.”

“LaLiga’s veiled consent to all this discrimination was for months a message to all Spaniards, that they do not want to have the best, if they are black. Blacks, in LaLiga, are only accepted if they are contributors, and that, Vini It will never be. Neither in the field nor outside of them”, he sentenced.

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