Watch Brooks Koepka spill a beer-filled PGA Championship trophy on himself


Brooks Koepka told the media there would be celebrations after winning his third PGA Championship, and he wasn’t kidding. In an appearance on the Pardon My Take podcast, Koepka shows how hard drinking the beer from the Wanamaker Trophy can be.

As he drank, he spilled more beer than he drank. But one thing is clear, Koepka doesn’t care. Big Cat and the crew cheered him on, even telling Koepka how proud of him they. Koepka said it was a “sign of a good time”, with a playful grin.

He also mentioned that when he came to see Big Cat and his crew, he would bring them something to drink, even though it was hard to do. The Big Cats put big bucks on him to win the PGA Championship and make a big paycheck.

One of the most telling parts of the video is Koepka wearing a Smash t-shirt, who was the team captain on the LIV Golf Tour. While some of his comments about Greg Norman and LIV are sketchy, he does wear the brand while on major podcasts.

Koepka then went into Game 3 between the Florida Panthers and Carolina Hurricanes, capturing the Wanamaker Trophy. The celebrations continued there, sharing drinks with Brady Tkachuk and clearly enjoying himself. Most of the photos and videos that have emerged show a clearly drunk Koepka – he is human, and as long as he is safe, who cares if he drinks in public?

Winning five majors put Koepka in exclusive company. He will try to make it six next month at the US Open in Los Angeles.


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