Vinicius receives racist insults at the Mestalla, ends up expelled for an assault and says goodbye with gestures of "to Second"


The Brazilian pointed out the author of the insults, who was in one of the funds, and the Police expelled him. Final tangana by the striker’s gestures. “The prize for the racists was my expulsion,” criticized Vinicius. “They should have stopped the game,” said Ancelotti.

Vinicius se
Vinicius points to the fan who insulted him.JOSEPH JORDANAFP

He Valencia – Real Madrid had to stop for a few minutes due to racist insults from a fan of Vinicius Juniorin one of the most embarrassing images of the season in Spanish football.

In it minute 72 of the match with a 1-0 scoreline for the local team, the white team was preparing to take a corner when Vinicius began to point to a fan of the Mestalla backgroundin the stands located behind the goal of Mamardashvili.

At first, the Brazilian addressed the referee and the linesman, warning them of the situation, but then he himself approached the area of ​​the stands from which the insults came and pointed at a fan. “It was you! It was you!“.

Rdiger, Militao, Lucas and Gay They tried to calm him down, and the Valencia captain even asked his own fans to calm down, but the Brazilian kept insisting. “That’s not done, uh, not that, fucking racist,” Lucas said to the stands. Vinicius, who explained to his teammates that “he’s calling me monkey, monkeyhe’s doing ‘like this’ with his arms and calling me a monkey” came to Burgos Bengoetxea to summarize the situation and the Police ended up entering the stands to expel the fan. In addition, the public address system warned of “the possibility of suspend the match for racist behavior of certain viewers.

Once the announcement was made, De Burgos approached the benches to speak with the coaches, while Ancelotti whispered something in Vinicius’s ear. The referee himself reassured the Brazilian: “Don’t worry, if there is any more insult, we’ll get inside,” he warned.

Red and “to Second, to Second”

Minutes after the shameful racist insults to Vinicius, the Brazilian was once again the protagonist of the controversy. Musah did not want to give the ball to Rdiger for Madrid to take a corner and Vinicius reproached himsomething that does not like Mamardashvili, who went for him. Ah started one tangana that ended with Vinicius expelled for the first time in the Spanish League, the second of his career after the red he saw with the Castilla against Celta B in 2018.

Hugo Duro grabbed him by the neck for a few seconds so that he would not struggle with the Georgian goalkeeper and Vinicius responded with a slap to the face of the Valencian striker. After consulting the image in the VAR, in which only that action appeared, De Burgos expelled the footballer from Madrid.

Vinicius applauded the decision between laughs and went towards the changing room tunnel while Lucas spoke in his ear. And to finish, made a gesture of “a Segunda, a Segunda“to all the stands at Mestalla, who were singing to him at that moment”Fool foolThe enraged Valencia bench jumped for him and a new brawl began in the tunnel.

Minutes after finishing the game, Vinicius published a message through his social networks: “The prize that the racists won was my expulsion. It’s not football, it’s LaLiga”.

In the Movistar microphones, ceballos defended Vinicius: “Vinicius is disrespected in all fields in Spain, we should take care of him, he is a bulwark of our League and our club. It’s a shame, the master asked him if he wanted to continue playing. It can’t be that he wears eleven yellow cards and one red card and the rivals get out unscathed.”It has been bad, the fans of Valencia deserve respectI’m sure he’ll apologize.”

“They had to stop the game”

I don’t want to talk about football“, warned ancelotti after the match. “What happened today doesn’t have to happen, it’s quite evident, a stadium yells at a player and a coach plans to remove a player for this. He didn’t want to continue, I told him that it doesn’t seem fair to me that he should leave because he didn’t He is the culprit, he is the victim, and he has continued”, defended the Italian, who also criticized the expulsion: “In addition they take out a pointless red because it is not an aggression. We have a problem”.

Carlettovery angry, asked LaLiga for solutions: “LaLiga has a problem, these episodes of racism have to stop the game. It is a stadium that insults a player for racism and the game has to stop and I say the same if we win 3-0, there is no other way. I have told the referee, he says that the protocol says that we have to warn before and if they continue to stop. He doesn’t have to report what? They have started insulting him from the first minute. He is very sad, angry, it is sadness. You can not pass”.

later, Lucas Vazquez He explained that the fan had addressed Vinicius with “monkey” gestures and racist insults. “It is difficult to explain that in 2023 there will still be racism.” “He is young, You can improve your reactions but that does not mean that you can do everything to him, they make fouls and they are not whistled and everything is focused on him”.

He Valenciafor its part, issued a statement in which publicly condemns “any type of insult” and warns that it is “investigating and taking severe action.”

LaLiga investigate what happened

LaLiga announced this Sunday that “has requested all available images to investigate what happened“and, “in the event of detecting any hate crime, it will proceed to take the appropriate legal actions.” In its statement, the Tebas organization recalls that it has filed “nine complaints related to racist incidents against Vinicius before the Competition Committee of the RFEF, State Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sport, the Hate Prosecutor and the Courts”.

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