Victoriano Sánchez Arminio, president of the arbitrators at the time of the Negreira case, dies


The former referee has died at the age of 80 after suffering from lung cancer. He was head of the CTA between 1993 and 2018.

Arminio Sanchez

Victoriano Sanchez Arminio (Santander, 1942), former Spanish collegiate and president of the Technical Committee of referees between 1993 and 2018little that is now being investigated in the ‘Negreira case’, has died at 80 years after suffering a lung cancer.

Sánchez Arminio arbitrated in First Division during 13 years Since his debut in the 1976/77 season, he has led 149 games, pitted in three World Cup finals. Copa del Rey and since 1978 he was an international referee participating as an assistant in the World Cup in Spain 1982 and as main referee in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. In addition, in 1984 he participated in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

After his retirement from professional arbitration in 1989, Sánchez Arminio was appointed in 1993 president of the Technical Committee of referees, a job he carried out until 2018.

“For us it is a tremendous shockWe didn’t expect it, he was very loved by everyone. He was a man with a lot of character but he took care of us like a father, he guided us, he gave us the rant, but a person from the environment, I don’t know what else can happen to us this year. A person who has helped us a lot to get where we are, rest in peace, a hug and a kiss to the whole family,” he declared. Luis Medina Cantalejocurrent president of the CTA, in Carrusel Deportivo.

The figure of Sánchez Arminio has been capital in the Spanish arbitration during the last three decades, always by the hand of Ángel María Villarformer president of the Federation, as his superior, and Jos Mara Enrquez Negreirahis vice president of the CTA during the entire stage that Sánchez Arminio was in office.

And together with them, Sánchez Arminio has been involved in several of the most important scandals that have occurred in arbitration and the Spanish Federation in recent years, with the ‘soule case‘ and the ‘Negreira case‘ as focuses of investigations.

In March of this year, the National Court ordered Sánchez Arminio to be charged, as a former head of the CTA, for the alleged diversion of 7.9 million euros inside of the ‘soule case‘, process of which a few days ago Arminio’s lawyers requested the archiving to L.

After the ‘Soule case’ came the ‘Negreira case‘, still under investigation. A scandal that has former number 2 of the referees in the center of the target but that has once again questioned the honor of some directors of the group, something that weighed on Sánchez Arminio. A few weeks ago, Medina Cantalejo assured that he put “hand in fire“for him and that the former president of the CTA”is having a bad time and I think it has nothing to do with it. Only Enrquez, his son and Barcelona are the ones who have to explain themselves. We are here to clear our name.”

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