Valtteri Bottas unveiled his incredible Pac-Man helmet for the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix


The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​the marquee event of the Formula 1 season, which often sees drivers pull out all the stops both on and off the track.

Perhaps the clubhouse leader in the helmet category this week is Valtteri Bottas. Alfa Romeo racer unveiled this incredible Pac-Man-inspired helmet on social media Thursday ahead of the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix:

As is known, the helmet was designed by Tiffany Cromwell, his girlfriend. With last week’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix canceled, Valtteri joins Cromwell in cycling in Scotland. Valtteri managed to place 114th in the UCI Gravel World Series, a 70-mile race that runs through Galloway Forest Park. As Valtteri acknowledged in Thursday’s press conference, the finish put him ahead of Olympic triathlete Alistair Brownlee.

Cromwell, who raced for Australia at the 2020 Summer Olympics, won the women’s event.

As for Bottas’ future races, where he will don the “Bot-Man” helmet, the Alfa Romeo driver believes the team’s qualifying performance in Miami suggests there are brighter days ahead.

“I think we saw a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel, say, in Miami in qualifying. We managed to find a good setup, a good rhythm and it shows but it’s so close that once you do everything right you can actually achieve much better results than the previous races so it’s great to see and we want to keep the momentum going That. said Bottas on Thursday. “We’re planning an upgrade for Imola so now it’s clear we’re testing it here and yeah, hopefully that gives us an extra boost. But we’re working as hard as we can to get where we want to be, which hasn’t happened so far this year.

Still, Bottas knows the challenge that awaits on the demanding streets of Monte Carlo.

“This track is quite challenging, narrow, there is no room for error. I think in the end it’s a lot of practice. We practice a lot obviously and you have a simulator nowadays that can help you to get your attention for training,” said Bottas. “For sure, there are some tracks that are more challenging than others but in the end it’s focused. Focus is the main issue and if you keep your concentration for every corner, every lap then you won’t make a mistake. So that’s the key.”


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