The court allows Real Madrid to accuse Barça of corruption in the ‘Negreira case’



He considers that he may be harmed by the alleged purchase of referees from the Barça club

The president of Real Madrid, Florentino P.
The president of Real Madrid, Florentino Prez.MARSHALEFE
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He Court of Instruction number 1 of Barcelona I accept the request of real Madrid to be a private accusation in the ‘Negreira case’ considering that they may feel harmed. Specifically, the white club considered that the Criminal Code “protects cleanliness in sports competitions and the social interest and of its own participants in safeguarding sports integrity, an interest in which ethical values ​​come together and which in turn has economic implications” .

Now the court has estimated your request and admits the appearance of Real Madrid as a private accusation “because in his condition of participant in the sports competition he is the owner of the protected legal asset.” “The incidentally investigated facts refer to certain actions of persons linked to the FC Barcelona tending to favor said club in the decision-making of the referees and, in this way, in the results of the competition”, indicates the judicial order that recalls that being “a crime of mere activity in which the offer or the request for this purpose in order for the crime to be consummated, it is not necessary that the intended results have been produced to injure the protected legal right”.

“It is indifferent that it corresponds to The league the organization of the competition, since any club that participates in it has a direct interest in preventing acts of any kind from taking place that involve sports manipulation in such a way that the illegal alteration of the result of the competition can take place and that suppose a bankruptcy of the principle of trust and integrity that governs the competition”, points out the court that opens the door in this way for other teams to appear against Bara in the procedure.

In its letter, Real Madrid recalled that it “participates in the National League Championship, so that the actions that are the subject of this case, tending to favor FC Barcelona, ​​one of the main competitors of our represented company, in taking decisions of the referees and, in this way, in the results of the competition, undoubtedly harmed him”. Both Bara and the rest of the investigated had opposed the white club’s personification.

The court also admitted as a popular accusation against members of Madrid, such as Luis José Sáenz de Tejada, and from Bara, such as Pompili Roiger, as well as the Association for the Promotion of Social and Sports Activities 2004 that brings together various members of the Barça club. However, everyone should pay a deposit of 3,000 euros to be part of the procedure. The judge rejected that the Higher Sports Council is a popular accusation.

At the moment, the court awaits a report from the Civil Guard on these alleged payments by Bara to the former vice president of the Refereeing Technical Committee (CTA), Jos Mara Enrquez Negreira to presumably “favor Barcelona in the decision-making of the referees in the matches played by the club and thus in the results of the competitions”, as the Prosecutor considers. Once received, start with the summons of those investigated, among which are the former presidents Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu.

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