The Brazilian ambassador requests urgent meetings with Equality and the Prosecutor’s Office to deal with the insults to Vinicius

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The representative of Brazilian diplomacy has also asked Real Madrid, LaLiga and the Royal Spanish Football Federation to meet, while the Brazilian Federal Police considers opening an international file

A cyclist passes this Monday in front of an advertisement with the image of Vinicius, in front of the Santiago Bern stadium
A cyclist passes this Monday in front of an advertisement with the image of Vinicius, in front of the Santiago Bernbeu stadium.Paul WhitePA
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The Brazilian ambassador in Spain, Orlando Leite, He has requested at least five high-level meetings to discuss the diplomatic conflict generated between Spain and Brazil due to the insults to Vinicius last Sunday. According to diplomatic sources, the head of the embassy has requested meetings with the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero; to the State Attorney General; to the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez; the president of LaLiga and the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

For now, Javier Tebas seems to be the first to receive him. Next Monday they have arranged a meeting to discuss the racist insults to the Madrid player at the Mestalla stadium and LaLiga’s reaction to the event.

The insults have generated a wave of indignation in Brazil, They cover the front pages of all the newspapers and a lot of minutes of the news on the main television networks. Since early this Monday, the Brazilian embassy has been sending cables to the Brazilian government, whose president, Lula da Silva, I already reacted this same Sunday night with harsh words for what happened.

One possibility that is being raised, according to the same sources, is that the Federal Police of Brazil open a file for the insults, invoking the Brazilian international jurisdiction.

In order to understand this reaction a bit, although it may not have had much legal experience in Spain, it must be taken into account that Brazil has an approximately 40% black or mixed-race population, a ministry of Racial Integration and a very harsh law against racism.

For these same reasons, in Brazil it has been considered that The reaction of the different Spanish institutions has been very lukewarm to the insults. Among those that have sat the worst on the other side of the Atlantic, is that of Valencia itself and a statement from the Higher Sports Council where Vinicius is not even mentioned.

On the opposite side, these same sources explained that the reaction of the President of the Government and the Royal Spanish Football Federation does help to smooth things over. Nevertheless, This incident is not expected to affect commercial or other relations between Spain and Brazil, although I know that it supposes “very serious damage to the image of Spain” in that country.

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