Sensual arm wrestling is a necessity of the sport of 2023


Who knew the raw raw power of wrestling could be conveyed with so much sensuality.

Etienne Waite is the “Arm Wrestling Whisperer”. Her Instagram account has hundreds of thousands of views, and I think most of them are from people searching for “wrestling sexy”. When it comes to sensuality, NOTHING beats the gentle rhythmic grunt of the arm wrestling whisperer, who gives sweet words of encouragement to his hapless opponents while pushing them hard onto the mat.

These videos are awesome. I dare you to play this loud on your phone in people’s rooms without letting them see your screen. No one in a million years will guess you’re watching an arm-wrestling fight.

Sometimes Waite dresses up as Batman and begs a man named Steve to “pull me to you”.

This account offers not only man-on-man action. Waite will wrestle with anyone who wants to taste it.

He’ll even offer lots of tips, like when you’re twerking too much.

Pull this account out next time you’re out and about with friends and start watching alone. See how long people let it go before asking what you’re watching. Then accuse them of being perverts and tell them “arm-wrestling… what else am I going to watch?”


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