Real Madrid denounces racist insults against Vinicius and Valencia before the State Attorney General’s Office "will ban for life" to the guilty



Valencia announces that they will expel fans from Mestalla “for life” who used racist insults at the striker

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Vinicius points to the fan who uttered racist insults against him.alberto saizPA
  • The league Vinicius explodes against Spain: “A country that I love and that is now known as a country of racists”
  • reactions Ayuso equates the racist shouts at Vinicius with “offenses against the King”: “Football fields cannot be this”

He real Madrid has come out in defense of Vinicius after the racist insults suffered by the Brazilian during the match against him Valencia. The ‘white club’ has announced in a statement that it has denounced the facts before the State Attorney General.

“Real Madrid CF shows its most energetic rejection and condemns the events that took place yesterday against our player Vincius Junior. These events constitute a direct attack on the model of coexistence of our social and democratic State of law”, begins the Madrid statement.

For this reason, Real Madrid “considers that such attacks also constitute a hate crime, for which reason it has filed the corresponding complaint with the State Attorney General’s Office, specifically with the Attorney General’s Office against hate crimes and discriminationso that the facts are investigated and responsibilities are purged”.

The club chaired by Florentino Prez cites “article 124 of the Spanish Constitution”, which “establishes as functions of the fiscal Ministery promote the action of justice in defense of legality and the rights of citizens and the public interest”.

“For this reason, and given the seriousness of the events that occurred, Real Madrid has turned to the State Attorney General’s Office, without prejudice to its appearance as a private prosecution in the proceedings that are being initiated,” the Real Madrid statement concluded.

Valencia has also issued a statement in which it has announced that it will expel from the Mestalla “for life” the fans who used racist insults at Vinicius Jr.

The club explained that the Police have already identified a fan who made “racist gestures” to Vinicius and that “coordinated work is being done to confirm the identity of other possible implicates”.

“From the moment of the facts, all the recordings available, working as quickly as possible to clarify what happened in order to act quickly and forcefully,” the letter states.

The club has already opened a first “disciplinary file” and ensures that “apply the maximum severity” to subscribers who are shown to have had such racist behavior. “The club strongly condemns this type of behavior, which has no place in football and in society and which does not correspond to the values ​​of Valencia CF and its fans,” the statement said.

For its part, the Valencia Prosecutor’s Office has officially launched investigation proceedings for an alleged hate crime for the insults to the Real Madrid player, according to Ángela Martialay.

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