Raphinha supports Vinicius with an iconic gesture in the fall of Barcelona in Zorrilla


The Brazilian footballer of the Barça team, with his fist raised, pays homage to his compatriot and banner of Real Madrid

Raphinha supports Vinicius.
Raphinha supports Vinicius.R.GARCAEFE

raphinha He left Zorrilla’s field of play with his fist raised. Under the Barcelona shirt, a message of support for his compatriot Viniciusthe same letter of the War of Bob Marley who has the Real Madrid banner tattooed on his thigh, engulfed by racism. An already iconic image for the history of the League, and that should serve so that the colors and scarves stop corrupting the scourge.

The episode gave shine to a game in which the script seemed written. Risking your life has nothing to do with defending your prestige. Not even the aspiration for a handful of records equals the fear of the abyss. Valladolid beat Barcelona because where the blanquivioletas saw demons to flee from, the azulgranas saw navels to take care of. Ter Stegen conceded two of the three goals (there are already six in the last three games and he cannot be beaten again if he wants to overcome Liao like the best Zamora ever), and the champion added his second consecutive defeat. The Valladolid relief was from apa, away for now from the relegation places where Getafe and Espanyol remain embedded.

There were some matters to attend to. Whether it was Xavi’s insistence on accelerating the reconversion of Eric Garcia as a midfielder, whether it was the first title of Paul Tower in the league. The 20-year-old midfielder from Cantabria had barely played 57 minutes to date spread over six games. A residual participation of which Xavi never had any doubts, convinced that the boy did not deserve more. Symptom of the dangers of a mismanaged expectation. Pablo Torre, despite being one of the most active Barça players in the first act, did not get out of the shower after halftime.

At that time, Barcelona, ​​no matter how motivated Raphinha proved the stability of masip, already lost 2-0. The game was still waking up when Christensen He had already scored on his own goal with a header that referred to that of the unfortunate Real Madrid player Spasic in 1991. And Valladolid did not take long to extend the advantage after Ter Stegen misinterpreted a start and Eric García responded to the nonsense with a penalty against Gonzalo Plata. larin did not fail from eleven meters.

Xavi, once Ter Stegen could not add one more notch to his number of clean sheets (25, one from Liao), awarded the second half to Iaki Pea. It was he who received the third of Silver after validating the VAR -Eric breaks the offside-, and who saw two balls crash into the post provided by Plata himself and Pink. Bara did not say a word, no matter how much Lewandowski did his part, clarifying the Pichichi with his 23 goals in the League (17 for Benzema).

But that scene from minute 63 will remain in the memory, when Raphinha, substituted, took off his shirt, clenched his fist and reminded Vinicius that racism is not discussed, it is fought.

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