GIANT JORTS Paolo Banchero is summer’s new fit

Paolo Banchero has been oddly lost in conversation despite coming off a monster rookie season that has established him as one of the best young big men in the league.

Now there’s no reason to ignore him and his GIANT JORTS.

This look is a whole mood. Oakley goggles, jersey, jort that can double as makeshift sails are cruise ships that have been wrecked. It is a very beautiful thing. Let’s not forget that Banchero is 6’10 – which easily makes him a solid FOUR FEET jort alone. If famous jort wearer John Cena wore this one we couldn’t see him, because he would be stuck in his pants.

“This is stupid and impractical” you might say… well, Paolo can dribble under a giant jort, so what’s your excuse?

I like this picture, because it really sells how wide the toe holes in the jorts are. He could hide an entire basketball in those things and no one would notice.

It’s perfect, and if you don’t agree then you hate fashion.

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