Diakhaby does not pose with the banner against racism in protest of the episode that he lived through and was left without sanction


The Valencia center-back denounced racist insults from a Cádiz player at the new Mirandilla two years ago. In the last league game he received insults that reflected LaLiga

Mouctar Diakhaby, away from the banner of the campaign
Mouctar Diakhaby, away from the banner of the campaign against racism.MS

Mouctar diakhaby He was the only Mallorca player-Valencia who did not hold the ‘Racist, get out of football’ banner. The Valencian central defender did not want to join the campaign of The league and the RFEF devised after the racist insults received by Vinicius Jr. and the reason is that he himself suffers and no one has been punished for it. Neither aggressors nor stands.

On matchday 31, in the match between the cdiz and Valencia in Nuevo Mirandilla on April 30, the LaLiga public incidents report states that some 400 local fans of the “Yellow Brigades” group sang an insulting chant at the start of the clash directed at the Valencian player Diakhaby and then at the visiting goalkeeper , Giorgi Mamardashvili”.

The hostility towards the defense stems from the complaint he made in 2021 accusing Juan Cala, then a Cdiz player, for having called him a ‘black shit’ during the game. Then the entire team, led by Gabriel Paulista, withdrew from the field even before the referee activated the protocol against racism. Later, and before the possible retaliation of losing the three points at stake, they returned to the pitch, now without Diakhaby.

The player made a public complaint and LaLiga opened an internal investigation to clarify what happened because something happened. There are contradictory versions but, due to the behavior of the Valencia player, something happened. We are collecting all the images, he recognized then javier thebes. The Federation, for its part, brought together the ethics committee, who finally archived the file as they could not reliably prove with images and sound that Cala uttered racist insults. In the word of one player against another, the cadista was believed.

That episode created deep uneasiness in Diakhaby, who this Sunday saw Cala reappear on social networks to comment on the incident with Vinicius and call him a “clown”. “Today Paulista and his friend have not left the field hurt, have they? Today there are no statements, no videos, today the exemplary fans do not come out to blame, right? Time and only time puts each clown in his place,” he wrote in Twitter.

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