Competition closes five games in a Mestalla stand and withdraws the red card from Vinicius


The RFEF considers it proven that, as the referee reflected in his minutes, there were racist shouts and says that the referee was omitted by the VAR “the entire set” of the Brazilian with Hugo Duro

Vinicius se
Vinicius points out to the viewer that he insulted him at the Mestalla.EFE

He Competition Committee has sanctioned Valencia CF with the partial closure of the Mestalla stadium for five games for the racist insults received by Vinicius during the game last Sunday and, furthermore, renders void the red card that the Brazilian saw.

The Committee, made up of three members representing the RFEF, LaLiga and the CSD, considers it proven that, as the referee reflected in his minutes, there was racist shouting to the Real Madrid player, “altering the normal development of the same and considering the infractions very serious”. In addition, Valencia is imposed a economic sanction of 45,000 euros.

The resolution is based on the arbitration act, the report made by the Reporting Officer, as well as the complaints of the federation Director of Integrity, LaLiga and the pleadings made by Real Madrid. Supported by “videographic evidence”, the Competition confirms that before the start of the match there were already racist chants against the player, and during the match, objects were thrown onto the field and racist insults from the Mario Alberto Kempes Animation Stand, which Vinicius pointed out ” indicating: “he called me a monkey” and making gestures with his hands imitating a monkey”. In its opinion, the disciplinary body includes all the insults, the chants “emulating the sound of a monkey” and that, “after the expulsion in the 90th minute, there is a general chant throughout the stands of “Monkey, monkey” that transitions to “Silly, Silly.”

“Ultimately, the intolerable racist nature of the chants that were chanted, on and off the field, by some of the fans has been verified,” the Committee states, for which reason it imposes “a partial closure of the stadium.” sports venue for a period of five games and a pecuniary penalty of 45,000, for the commission of very serious infractions. The partial closure will affect the so-called Grada Kempes”.

withdrawal of the red

The Committee also leaves without disciplinary effects the expulsion of Vinicius, as requested by Real Madrid in its statement of allegations. In it, the white club considers that the player’s reaction “would be part of a permanent and total impunity, during this season, of various actions of physical and verbal aggression, by opponents and fans, against the expelled player, all of this before the passivity of the arbitration group, the RFEF and LaLiga”.

This precedent opens the door for players to find justification in physical or verbal attacks prior to the attacks for which they are shown a red card.

In addition, the white team ensures that “the action of the VAR referee would not be framed in a human error, since the image that he sent to the referee of the match to assess the action produced was totally partial, biased and determinant of the error of the referee in the assessment of what happened and, with it, of the unjust expulsion of the player, turning the victim into an aggressor”, they insist.

Competition “considers accredited that the appreciation of the referee was determined by the omission of the entire set that occurred, what vitiates lies the arbitral decision. Indeed, the fact that a determining part of the facts was stolen from him led him to adopt an arbitrary decision”, he concludes.

outrage and appeal

After learning of the resolution, Valencia released a statement to show “their total disagreement and indignation at the unfair and disproportionate penalty imposed” and announces that he will appeal “until the last instance” to the closure of the animation stands, a sanction that he considers “totally unfair and one more offense in the latest disciplinary decisions that have been made against the club.”

From the club they assure that the RFEF states “contradictory evidence to what the National Police and LaLiga say”. “In addition, this sanction is based on evidence that the club has not been able to see and without giving us a hearing”, the club points out in a clear gesture that referring to the “legal uncertainty ” in your resource.

“Valencia is collaborating from the first minute with the Police and all the pertinent authorities to clarify the events that occurred last Sunday. In addition, it has applied the maximum possible sanction with the expulsion for life from our stadium to the fans that the Police have For this reason we believe that penalizing and depriving all fans who were not involved in these unfortunate incidents from seeing their team is a totally disproportionate, unfair and unprecedented measure against which we will fight. racism requires the real commitment of all parties involved without using it as a pretext to incur serious injustices“, ditch the Mestalla club.

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