Brooks Koepka clapped like a serial killer cheer at a Panthers game

I don’t know how serial killers celebrate. I’ve never seen people clapping or experience joy. Still, I have to imagine how it would look appropriate like Brooks Koepka did Monday night when he watched Hurricanes vs. Panthers.

There is something very, very unsettling about a man who claps incessantly, unblinkingly, wearing only the blank star of psychotic attraction. The strangest part about this is probably that Brooks’ applause didn’t come at a time when other people were also clapping. This is right before the random encounter. That’s why everyone just sat and watched while he clapped like a freak.

Maybe the PGA Championship took it from him. Maybe Koepka thought that if he blinked he would fall asleep during a hockey game. I don’t necessarily blame him for being sleepy either but honestly, at this point I’d rather watch Brooks sleep than see him clapping like this again.

It’s a celebration of nightmares.

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