Brandel Chamblee hits back at coach Brooks Koepka, LIV Golf Ryder Cup debate rages on


The debate over whether Brooks Koepka should represent his country in the Ryder Cup continues.

This past week, Claude Harmon III, Koepka’s swing coach, accused Brandel Chamblee of being a paid actor by his employer, NBC Universal, and Golf Channel.

NBC and Golf Channel have exclusive rights to cover the PGA Tour, now the biggest enemy of the recently started LIV Golf Tour, where Koepka now plays.

The Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF) has invested nearly $1 billion into LIV Golf.

As a result, Chamblee, a longtime golf announcer, took to Twitter, posting a tweet of 538 words addressing Harmon III’s comments:

In this persistent soliloquy, Chamblee discusses how the Saudi government is using LIV Golf to wash the sport away—using sport to cloud moral corruption.

“The farrago of whataboutisms that inevitably accompanies any discussion of sports laundering, attempts, in responding to criticism with accusations, to cast doubt on the credibility of the accuser and distract from having to deal with the complexity of the question,” Chamblee growled. “Accusations that I merely represent the opinions of my employer are strange to me, and while the natural back-and-forth with colleagues certainly informs my opinion, no one I work with or to ever try to influence. what shall I say.”

Chamblee didn’t hold back.

“As in the case of people calling me a paid actor, if they can somehow profit from crime,” Chamblee continued. “This is where the debate crashes into relationships of politics, sports and narcissistic greed. Where those who want to avoid it most often grumble at whataboutism, stopping the discussion with demeaning accusations because they don’t want their motives to be known.”

LIV Golf Invitational - Singapore - Day Three

SINGAPORE — Brooks Koepka of Smash GC in action on day three of the LIV Golf Invitational – Singapore at Sentosa Golf Club on April 30, 2023.
Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

He noted that Koepka’s win in the PGA Championship was “impressive” but continued to vilify the LIV Tour because of who has the advantage.

“[Koepka’s win] it should not distract us from the simple fact that LIV players are being used for the benefit of some very bad people and harming many more good people,” added Chamblee. “The LIV Golf, by its inability to develop a star and trying to buy it like a high-performance car, undermines the intrinsic dignity of golf.”

This discussion stems from Koepka’s most recent PGA Championship win. He became the first LIV golfer to win a major championship.

It remains to be seen if Koepka will do it for America in the Ryder Cup, but with his solid performances in the majors so far this year, all signs point to him doing it in Italy in September.

Nonetheless, this debate will continue in the golf media.


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