Bizarre cycling enthusiast chases Giro d’Italia packs with taxidermy foxes


I’m ready to take your pet to sporting events if they are outdoors and well behaved. I guess on the plus side, a dead fox doesn’t make a sound or chases a rider – its owner, on the other hand, is a different matter.

I was fascinated by what was going through this man’s mind, but I also really didn’t want to know what was going through this man’s mind. It takes a very unique perspective on life to say to yourself “I have to jump the fence and chase these athletes on my dead fox,” but here we are.

It didn’t faze the Giro d’Italia, but it created the most important moment on the stage. That shouldn’t be a knock on cycling, it’s a great sport – but let’s face it: you don’t see someone chasing a pack of dead foxes every day.

We checked the status update on fox, and sorry to say, it’s still dead.


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