Barcelona, ​​in the midst of a war economy, will sell the chairs and the grass of the Camp Nou



The Barça club, which says goodbye to the old Camp Nou next Sunday while preparing its exile to Montjuc, will put the stadium furniture up for sale while trying to cut 200 million euros

The Barcelona dir
Barcelona will say goodbye to the old Camp Nou on Sunday.

Romanticism is paid. And more in this war economy Barcelona where each game adds up to achieve the economic objectives that the directive of Joan Laporta. Specifically, to cut a minimum of 200 million that LaLiga de javier thebes must be believed.

This Sunday, the members of the Barça club and the fans who have been able to get a ticket will say goodbye, with the League match against Mallorca, to the old Camp Nou, which will begin to be remodeled this summer and which will force the first team to go into exile. Montjuc until November 2024. Season ticket holders who want to take a souvenir from the stadium, even if it is their own seat, will have to go through the cash register. The memory is not free.

Thus, and as Barcelona has made official in the face of doubts raised by a social mass that intended to take over their piece of the stadium, “the seats, the grass and other elements that are part of the current stadium” may be acquired in a process that the club blaugrana has baptized as “circular economy”. The Bara board, at least, offers its partners “priority” and “a reduced price” in the purchase of said material compared to other collectors and interested parties.

The now called Spotify Camp Nou, visibly deteriorated despite the actions made by Laporta’s board so that the team could at least complete this season without putting its fans at risk (in the last game against Real Sociedad the flies invaded a of the cafeterias, and the services presented a deplorable aspect), suffers his long life. In fact, it was inaugurated on September 24, 1957. But above all, it pays for the inaction and the difficulties that the directives were encountering since the time of the former president. Josep Llus Nez to undertake a comprehensive remodeling of the stadium.

Finally approved the financing of Espai Bara with 20 investors who lend 1,450 million euros, and with the Turkish construction company Limak as responsible for the work – “the only one of the competing companies that assumed the commitment to return to the Camp Nou in November 2024 and to complete the work before June 2026”, according to Laporta -, Barcelona fans now only have to say goodbye to his old stadium. Next Monday, in fact, the start of the remodeling of the Camp Nou will take place with the laying of the first stone.

Barcelona plans to lose with its transfer to Montjuc €55 million, despite the fact that in February the club defended that the loss would be 93 million. The Barça club hoped to achieve that objective by charging the member a high cost (25% more expensive) to be able to occupy a seat in the Montjuc Olympic Stadium, a controversial decision that the club has had to rectify by reducing its expectations of 50%. payment to the partner Only 27,385 subscribers will be able to attend Montjuc, leaving out some 56,000.

“When we go to Montjuc three or four times, we will discover that football doesn’t look so bad,” the institutional vice president of Barcelona said Thursday. Elena Fortwho insisted that the Barça feasibility plan goes through the “budget readjustment of all areas, sports and non-sports”.

For now, the Bara will try to do business with chairs and pieces of grass. The shield, for now, is still in place.

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