Ancelotti’s black night in Madrid’s disaster in Manchester: "Who doesn’t trust Carlo? You?"


The Italian is touched after the terrible image of the team at the Etihad, where he closed a season in which he has only won the European Super Cup and the Cup. “The president was clear 15 days ago,” he recalled Carletto.

Ancelotti: “Nobody doubts me”

What should have been one of his happiest nights, the one in which he surpassed ferguson as coach with the most games in the history of the Champions (191), ended as the rosary of the dawn for Carlo Ancelottiwho suffered before Pep Guardiola the worst defeat of his continental career. One similar to that 4-0 that the Sports he endorsed his Milan in 2004but incomparable in sensations to what happened in the etihad.

No defeat has as much importance as those that happen to the real Madrid. Against him Guardiola City, the white team lived one of the darkest nights of its existence. It happened on 5-1 against Hamburg in 1980he 5-0 against Milan in 1989he Liverpool’s ‘dripping’ 4-0 in 2009 and what happened this Wednesday in England, territory already noted in that book of Madrid disasters.

«Is to lose like this…». In the stands and corners of the stadium citizen cell phones smoked. The historic defeat, together with the victory of Barcelona in La Liga and the irregular performance of a Madrid that will say goodbye to this course with a European Super Cup and one Copa del Reyturned up the volume of the whir on Ancelotti, confirmed his continuity by Florentino Perez two weeks ago and questioned after his team’s bad game against City. The Italian is touched before the management of the club, which is already starting a necessary reflection time to assess what has happened in recent months.

inferior and incapable, the 4-0 falls squarely on the bench of the Italian, who to defend himself recalled the conversation with the president a few days ago. «No one doubts. The president was very clear 15 days ago, “he assured, and insisted:”no one doubts».

Dry and concise in his answers, with the anger of the recent game and the gesture twisted by the sensations, the Italian tried to explain the poor performance of his team. «They are football things. They deserved to win. They have played with more intensity and they have been superior today as we were superior last year”, he hastened to remember, repeating the place Madrid had reached: “These are things that can happen in the Champions League semifinals».

“We don’t have to make a drama”

The Italian declared that «we don’t have to make a drama», but a few meters from the main table in the press room, Carvajal and Courtois were very harsh with what they experienced on the pitch. «We have lacked a bit of… I wouldn’t say attitude. But we have thrown our ass back too soon, “said the full-back. The goalkeeper went further: «the how hurts. You can lose on penalties, overtime, 2-1, 2-0… but 4-0 is very hard. It is hard to fall just before a final, but it was against a great team », he assessed. In the mixed zone, Kroos threw Ancelotti a cloak: “¿Who does not trust Carlo? You?”, he replied to a journalist. «We have young people, very hungry for success. We will come back stronger. The balances, on June 4, ”added Carvajal.

Kroos wanted to be more concise: «not every year you win. The rivals also play and today they do not deserve to reach the final », he admitted. “The pressures have not been good, but if my shot goes in the game changes,” he said. Next to him, Vinicius stressed that “not everyone makes it to the semifinals. Now we are not with a calm head to speak well. We are sad. It has been a very difficult day for us, it is a learning experience”, confessed the Brazilian. Later, Modric insisted that «this team still has a lot to give», in a mixed zone in which captain Benzema was missed.

Vinicius and Modric did not doubt Ancelotti’s future. «Of course you have to continue», said the Brazilian. «I think this group deserves one more year. In Madrid, everything becomes great when you lose, there is a lot of analysis and a lot of criticism. Criticism is not going to sink us, “concluded the Croatian.

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