Ancelotti, one more year: "Yesterday we had a meeting and Florentino showed me his support"


The Italian confirms that the club has guaranteed him that he will fulfill his contract until June 2024. “We continue with the same illusion of doing things well.”

Ancelotti, in the press room.
Ancelotti, in the press room.PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOUAFP
  • plans Period of reflection in Madrid

Important press conference at the Sport City of valdebebas. three days after the resounding defeat of Real Madrid in it etihad against him Manchester City, Carlo Ancelotti appeared before the media amid rumors about its continuity, criticism of the team’s image and debates about the changes the squad needs for next season. And the technician was clear and direct. “The club has guaranteed him that he will fulfill his contract until 2024?“, the journalists asked him. “S“, I answered Carletto. And he shut down any interest from Brazil: “I think the whole world knows what my situation is like and that I want to end my contract. Until 2024 and I want to continue…”

This Friday, the technician and Florentino Prez they had a meeting in Valdebebas for “analyze“everything that happened in the Champions League semifinals, taking stock of this last season and assessing what has been achieved since the arrival of the transalpine, who has won all possible titles in a span of 24 months. “At the meeting, he showed me his love and support“, assured Ancelotti. “We continue with the same enthusiasm,” he insisted.

His continuity was the central axis of the press conference, bordering on the issues that he will have to face if he continues on the Madrid bench in the next preseason. Especially the one in the transition between veterans (Kroos, Modric and Benzema) and youngsters, vital point for the technical direction of Madrid. “It’s hard for me to answer, but I’m going to do it… I think the transition won’t start next season, rather it already started before I arrived. This squad, which has done great things, began to lose pieces when Cristiano Ronaldo came out in 2018. From there, young people with a lot of quality have begun to arrive. All the players end up being replaced by footballers with enormous quality. Vinicius after two years is an indisputable starter, Camavinga has begun to enter, Rodrygo from the bench… It seems that the transition has to start next season, but it has already started. Young people are going to have even more prominence and veterans less. And the transition will stop the day that Modric, Kroos, Benzema, Nacho, Carvajal… stop playing for this team.”

In case of Benzema It will be one of the great moments of reflection of the summer. The Frenchman will continue, but the club now values ​​the hiring of another center forward more than ever. “It does not make sense to doubt Benzema. He had a bad game, but not only him. And he is still a legend of this club. The team was not right on Wednesday, not only Karim”, Ancelotti defended him, who believes that “this is not the time to talk about next season. We spoke with the club, but for now we are only evaluating what happened on Wednesday… and before. We are already talking about the future, but the time is not yet.”

Ancelotti, who encouraged “Think about the next Champions League“, he examined the season and admitted that it has been “good.” “It could be done better, but it has been good. Of course we are not satisfied with the League, but we have fought to the end in the other competitions… and won three”.

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