Oh Hyun-Kyu Ends 12 Win Streak: Celtic, Motherwell Draw 1-1



South Korean professional footballer Oh Hyun-Kyu’s twelve-game winning streak ended in thrilling fashion as his former club, Motherwell, drew a hard-earned 1-1 draw against Scottish Premiership leaders Celtic. Oh looked to lead his former club to an upset victory through his tireless running and impressive passing ability, but they were forced to settle for a draw against the superior team. Let’s take a look at the result and what it means for both clubs.

Oh Hyun-Kyu’s Win Streak Ends at 12

Oh Hyun-Kyu returned to the The Scottish Premiership for the first time since his two-year stint with Motherwell, and the highly-rated midfielder looked to lead his former side to a win against the league leader. It had been a successful return to Scotland for Oh, having put together an incredible win-streak of 12 consecutive victories. In this match however, the streak was brought to a halt thanks to the stiff Celtic defense and the skillful attacking play of Motherwell. Unfortunately for Oh, it wasn’t enough to earn a win and his return to Steelers Stadium ended in a draw. The result means that Oh’s incredible run has come to an end, but he can still be proud of his efforts during the match. The Korean international was a staunch defender in midfield and showed his signature passing prowess throughout the match, a testament to his abilities as a footballer.

Motherwell and Celtic Split the Points in 1-1 Draw

Motherwell and Celtic both played out an entertaining encounter at Steelers Stadium, with the result ending in a 1-1 draw. Motherwell started strong, with Mark O’Hara scoring an early goal to give them an unexpected lead. Despite their best efforts, the hosts were unable to hang on for the win as Celtic equalized late in the match courtesy of a late strike from Scott Sinclair. The draw was a fair result for both teams as neither team was able to gain full control of the match. Celtic had more possession, but Motherwell were the more dangerous of the two teams going forward. Oh was a constant threat in the midfield and allowed Motherwell to gain a foothold in the match, while Celtic’s relentless press kept them in contention until the final whistle.


Continuing his amazing form, Oh Hyun-Kyu’s 12-game win streak came to an end as Motherwell and Celtic split the points in a 1-1 draw. Oh was impressive in the match, showcasing his incredible passing range and expansive defensive work, often helping to keep Celtic at bay. Ultimately, the result was a fair one as both teams put in good performances and had moments of attacking dominance in the match. With his streak over, Oh will now be looking to continue his good form in future matches and help Motherwell to more positive results.


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