Kim Jong-un’s women’s basketball “This time I am more worried than when I left Hanawon Q”

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Dong-chan = Women’s professional basketball Kim Jong-un’s ‘comrades’ returns to the arms of ‘old man’.

Kim Jong-un, who contributed to Bank Asan Woori’s victory in the 2022-2023 season, signed a contract with Bucheon HanawonQ as a free agent (FA) on the 19th.

In the 2006 rookie draft, Kim Jong-un, who was nominated as the first overall pick by Hana 1Q’s predecessor, Shinsegae, only played for one team until 2017.

In 2012, when Shinsegae disbanded the basketball team and the Hana Financial Group took over, Kim Jong-un, who was the mainstay of the team, secretly played the role of ‘loner’ at the bottom of the team and was called ‘daughter’. head’.

Then, in 2017, after Kim Jong-un earned FA qualification, he suddenly transferred to Woori Bank, the strongest in the league, shocked the basketball world and won two championships in the long-awaited championship match.

And after 6 years since leaving Woori Bank, he returns to Hana 1Q, his ‘parents’.

Kim said, “When I went to Woori Bank, I thought it was the last team, but as expected, nothing went according to plan.” He shared his impressions of the transfer.

He said, “Because Shinsegae was acquired by Hana Financial Group with great difficulty, I have a great mission and responsibility to put this team first.” I remember 6 years ago.

Kim Jong-un, who never thought about leaving Hana Bank, said, “After the injury, the surgery went well and I thought I could stand on my own again if I waited a bit, but I feel like a new generation. change in the team.” He said “a lot” and decided to move on to another team, explaining his background.

Kim Jong-un, who left Hana 1 Q, returned this time and said, “So after I went to Woori Bank, I really hated Hana 1 Q.” Introducing reasons for choosing

In particular, because most of the players who obtained FA qualification in Hana 1Q left the team, the weakening of physical strength accelerated, and Kim said, “Two years ago, Kang Isul also went to KB, and over the past two years, he won all 11 times .

Kim Jong-un, who initially thought about retiring after this season, confessed, “Woori Bank is a team that can win without me and can win against any team.”

When asked if he had more worries than when he left Hana 1Q six years ago, he replied, “I didn’t have to worry because I had to leave the team at that time.”

Hana 1 Q’s last playoff advance was in the 2010-2011 season when Kim Jong-un played. All records from the 2015-2016 season, when illegal Chelsea player Lee advanced to the championship game, are invalidated.

When asked if she could return her team to the playoffs, Kim Yu-na answered honestly, “If I were 2-3 years younger and my body could play 30-40 minutes, I would do it.” The players, I want to look at it from a long-term perspective and help young players develop.”

Kim Jong-un is scheduled to join Hana 1Q training from May.

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