Independiente once again paid dearly for its mistakes and Rosario Central thrashed it 3-0 in Arroyito

Domínguez’s team began to lose him from the locker room, due to a goal by Marco Ruben, who after the game suggested that he retire.

In a duel of teams in crisis, at least one was going to leave the field injured. Central won that fight against Independiente and won the match 3-0. The Rosario knocked out their rival with a burst in the second half and cut a six-game winless streak, while the Devil ended with ten players on the field .

El Rojo started badly in defense and that cost him more than an early goal. Although he took possession of the ball at various points in the match and went deep down the flanks, the line of three defenders never fully connected with the midfielders. That generated several headaches for Eduardo Domínguez .

The errors in the start from the bottom were the most visible face of this problem, but not the only one among the issues that played in favor of the local.

Independiente wasted several clear arrivals when the difference on the scoreboard was minimal. At the moment when his rival was delayed and added people in the middle after the entry of Mateo Tanlongo, the coach responded with a poker of offensive changes that did not pay off at all. On the contrary, the visitor relaxed at the back and Central made the most of that defensive nap to settle the dispute with two goals in two minutes.

The scoundrels were not shy about taking extreme precautions in the background as soon as they took advantage. Aside from the quick play and Marco Ruben’s excellent definition to open the scoring, Leandro Somoza’s team paid maximum attention to running down the line and rarely stepped on the accelerator and had chances to attack.

Central’s game plan didn’t pay off immediately. From the outset, both Damián Batallini and Thomas Ortega unbalanced down the flanks and Independiente managed to bother him on a couple of occasions during the first 20 minutes of the game, but failed to finish. Afterwards, Avellaneda’s men kept the bet on the outside, although the Rosario Academy managed to prevent the ball from reaching Leandro Benegas or Alan Soñora cleanly.

With Claudio Yacob in charge of balancing the midfield, the locals decided not to stray too far from goalkeeper Gaspar Servio to reduce space when the team lost the ball. That was one of the keys to the afternoon in Arroyito, since Independiente had that inconvenience at the start and continued to suffer due to the obligation to go ahead in search of a tie.

The expulsion of Juan Manuel Insaurralde was the extra blow that Canalla did not get to give his opponent when the victory was already judged. El Rojo unexpectedly self-destructed in the complement and that gave Central the confidence to reverse the bad image he left at the beginning of the Somoza cycle.

As an extra reason for the celebration of the Academy, Ruben surpassed Víctor Rogelio Ramos, Newell’s top scorer in professionalism. The striker was thus the top professional scorer in the city in the First Division. In this regard, he said that the record is a “golden brooch” for his career and left the door open for retirement at the end of the tournament.

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