English League Champions Race Count after Week 36 of the Premier League: Man City Can Seal the Title when Entertaining Chelsea


Two racehorses at the top of the 2022/2023 Premier League experienced different fates, Man City and Arsenal. Even though they both ended the match with a score of 0-3 in Week 36 of the Premier League , the two teams got a different night.

Man City, who visited Everton headquarters, managed to bring home the maximum three points from the Etihad Stadium. Man City won 3-0 thanks to two goals from Ilkay Gundogan plus one goal from Erling Haaland.

Meanwhile, Arsenal, who hosted Brighton and Hove Albion at the Emirates Stadium, lost 0-3. Three of Brighton’s goals were scored by Julio Enciso, Deniz Undav and Pervis Estupinan.

The difference in the results obtained by Man City and Arsenal made it clear that the chances of becoming champions belonged to Pep Guardiola’s team. Man City collected 85 points from 35 matches, while Arsenal had 81 points from 36 matches.

Moreover, Man City still has three matches left until the end of the season, where they still have the postponed Week 32 match against Brighton and Hove Albion. Arsenal, on the other hand, have only two games remaining.

Then what are the calculations for the two teams to ensure the Premier League title at the end of this season?

Man City Just Needs a Win over Chelsea

Man City has three matches left. First they will face Chelsea in Week 37 of the Premier League on 21 May 2023.

Then The Citizens will face Brighton in Week 32 of the Premier League on 25 May 2023. In the final match in the Premier League this season, Man City will visit Brentford headquarters on 28 May 2023.

Meanwhile, Arsenal have an away match against Nottingham Forest on 20 May 2023 and host Wolverhampton Wanderers on 28 May 2023.

With the current four-point difference, Man City only needs one more win. The calculation is, if Man City wins over Chelsea in week 37, and in another game Arsenal also wins over Nottingham Forest, Man City’s four-point difference can no longer be caught by Arsenal, who only have one game left.

This means that, regardless of what happens when Arsenal face Nottingham Forest, Man City only needs to ensure they have three points when they host Chelsea on May 21 to become champions.

Arsenal Must Hope Man City Always Lose

Even if there is that opportunity, Arsenal must ensure victory in the two remaining matches they have. But that’s not enough. The Gunners also have to hope that Man City doesn’t win a single win from the remaining three matches, and one of them has to lose.

If Man City gets three draws in the remaining three matches, and Arsenal are able to win two wins, the title still belongs to Man City.

With three draws, Man City will collect 88 points from 38 matches, and Arsenal’s two wins will only bring them 87 points.


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